Dev Needed for Bug Fixes + Possible New Projects



I have been trying on and off for about 6 months to find a developer to fix one of our existing plugins, however the ones I have contacted either haven’t had the time or have not responded. Decided this time to just make a post and see if anyone is interested.

Work Needed:

Mostly I am looking for someone to fix (and possibly improve) this:

As Sponge has updated, it has been accumulating more and more bugs, to the point it’s almost worthless. The original developers have all been too busy to fix it.

Would also be a bonus to help put the plugin on Ore.

But if I can find someone who is reliable, and interested, I have several other plugin ideas I have been also considering getting commissioned.

Rate/ Budget:
I am not very good at pricing these up, this can be negotiated. Half paid on start, half on completion.

The plugin is open source, but it belongs to our community, you will be listed as a developer on the plugin page (you can see the others on there), I can add a link of your choice to your name. Each fix (however small) will be posted to the github as it’s completed (had some bad experiences with people taking money and then not providing any work).


Best place to contact me is on Discord (yepidoodles#5971), but you can also contact me via this forum or by email (

Overall, I am very flexible and really hoping to work with someone who is reliable and that I can come to with future work.

Many thanks,

Alice (yepidoodles)


Still looking for someone :slight_smile:


You might want to list out some of the major bugs that occur btw.


Didn’t see much point until I found someone.


Well I bring it up because I might be interested, but I’d want to know the scope first. I’m so busy that unless I feel confident it won’t stress me out, I won’t even think about it :confused:


That’s fair, the main problem seems to be that the config is no longer being read for the punishments side of things (filters still work fine).


I’ve been trying to get this fixed for almost a year now… I’m pretty much willing to pay whatever it takes, if you know any devs who might be interested, please let them, or me know, thanks

~ Alice


Sorry for bumping this, still looking for someone :confused:

~ Alice