Diablo Drops

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Have you thought about just adding a hook to something like total economy for your “goldcoins” aspect of drops?

All in all I like the idea dude! I will be lurking.

I used to use MoneyDrop on my bukkit server. Having monsters drop currency is vital for any RPG server but I have always been a lover of simplicity, instead of creating a new item through Forge maybe just make it have the appearance of a gold nugget? The less I have to put into my Forge package for players to upload the better! :slight_smile:

It should be on your own what kind of “visualisation” your currency get :slight_smile:
But like you already said - I’m also a friend of simplicity - So no hooks.

have you looked at MythicDrops and RPGPlayerLeveling for spigot i love them plugins and would love it if you could make somthing like that for sponge

I’m already on it :wink:

Link to the plugin