[Discontinued] AdminShop [v1.8.2] - Server Shops


I am going to try and fix it now.


You could have just reverted back a version and popped in your old shop files that you… backed up…

Don’t rush Hassan just because you don’t know how to function xD


It’s cool I fixed it already. :slight_smile:


Release v1.6c

Tested on SpongeForge 1212


  • Major bug fixes regarding reading invalid shops from the config (those with missing fields, specifically signLocation)



Hey, you didnt by chance happen to work on a fix for items not showing up when you buy them, like pixelmon items, etc?
Or is that a sponge issue?


SpongeCommon issue as InventoryAPI is not fully or properly implemented.


Ahhh, ok. Hopefully it is fixed soon then :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks hassan, your plugins are awesome.


again and again xD


Release v1.7

Tested on SpongeForge 1213


  • Added the ability to automatically create item frames above the shop sign, if the sign is on a wall. This is a configurable option in the config.



Very nice idea and works like a charm. Thanks, man


May I ask what happens when the shops convert?
My adminshop files that were originally in the main directory are gone and my old signs are saying the items were purchased, yet no item is in my inventory and yes I have scrolled and clicked every box.

Shops = null in the data folder…
Doesn’t look or act as if it was successfully transferred.

26.03 18:22:48 [Server] Server thread/INFO [io.github.hsyyid.adminshop]: Reading Shops…
26.03 18:22:48 [Server] Server thread/INFO [io.github.hsyyid.adminshop]: Reading Legacy AdminShops…
26.03 18:22:48 [Server] Server thread/INFO [io.github.hsyyid.adminshop]: Read Legacy AdminShops.
26.03 18:22:48 [Server] Server thread/INFO [io.github.hsyyid.adminshop]: Reading Legacy BuyAdminShops…
26.03 18:22:48 [Server] Server thread/INFO [io.github.hsyyid.adminshop]: Read Legacy BuyAdminShops.
26.03 18:22:48 [Server] Server thread/INFO [io.github.hsyyid.adminshop]: Finished reading Shops.

No shops are working though :confused:


Transferring reads the AdminShops from your .json files, and then converts them into the new Shop format. It then saves these into the conf in the data folder. If they are missing there may be a bug, I’ll check it out now. Note, that they are written once the server is stopped or when you add/modify an existing shop.


It is reading the old shops on the signs in game and claims that said item was purchased.
Just the items are no where to be found and there’s no data about the shops in any of the new files/folders


I restarted the server and had the items… let me do some more testing.


Have you restarted the server at all since you have updated?

If not, do so, and then close and reopen your data folder.


Once you get the item, try relogging and see if it appears, may be a Sponge desync issue again.


You purchase the items and the only way you can get them is to relog every time :sweat:
Sponge 1220 btw

Updating to 1222 and seeing if there are any changes.


forgive me for being a fucking idiot, but how in the world do you sell items?

{whatever text}

/setshop {price} just makes it a buy shop.


Tab doesn’t give me an option to change to a sell shop, etc.

^^ Nevermind got it :stuck_out_tongue: - might want to update your description above. You state ‘to make a buy shop use /setshop # true’.

Also making and breaking shop signs lag the server a great deal.
Upon breaking or placing the sign you have to wait 15 or so seconds before you can do anything else.

^^ I decided to just remove all of the shops and redo them since its so easy. There is no more sign lag when breaking and creating shops :slight_smile:


You may find that when you right-click a chest the items you purchased appear in your inventory. As @HassanS6000 suggested, its probably a Sponge inventory problem.


Yea I figured that one out :sweat_smile: thanks!