[Discontinued] AdminShop [v1.8.2] - Server Shops


AdminShop, as the title implies, is a plugin that allows server admins to create unlimited item shops for their players to use. It requires an Economy plugin to be installed, and without it will not work.


You grab the latest build off of GitHub, here.

GitHub Repository

You can view AdminShop’s GitHub Repository here.


/setshop <price> [<buy shop>] - If you right click a sign after using this command, it
will become an AdminShop if it was not one already. If it was, it will simply update
to the item you're holding and the parameters inputed. If you want the shop to be a
sell shop, you input true, otherwise you can disregard it - a buy shop is one where
players can sell their items to the sign.


adminshop.create - Gives player permission to create an AdminShop.
adminshop.remove - Gives player permission to break/delete an AdminShop
adminshop.modify - Gives player permission to modify an existing AdminShop.
adminshop.command.setshop- Gives player permission to use /setshop

Support Me

If you’d like to support me, you can do so here.

How to Install?

Simply drop the downloaded JAR into your mods folder along with Sponge and an Economy plugin, and start your server! :smile:


To create an AdminShop you make a sign with any text you want, like so:

Then you get the item you want players to sell or buy, and put it in your hand, like so:

Next, you execute the /setshop command with desired parameters, like so:

Then you right click the sign you created, like so:

All done! Right click your sign to see it in action, like so:

Tada! We purchased the item from the sign, and you can see the sign retained the enchantment information:

Automatic Item Frames

Here is a brief video example of how the automatic item frame feature works.

Known Issues:

  • There are many bugs with the current SpongeCommon Inventory implementation, this includes issues with items not syncing, and users being required to re-log to actually see the items they’ve bought.

Uhm, why did you create separate plugins for spongychest and adminchest? What about unifiying both as most code should be redundant anyways? :slight_smile:

SpongyChest is still WIP, whereas AdminShop is all done. :slight_smile:

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can you just make it sell and buy in the [ ]

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HELP! I can’t keep up the pace! :cold_sweat: - No sooner have I installed another one of your updates, there are another 3 or 4 waiting to be installed. When do you eat, sleep, etc. …

Haha I did sleep, didn’t you notice the pause? :stuck_out_tongue:


Winston Churchill once said: We work 24 hrs a day. And if that’s not enough we’ll also work throughout the night … :sunglasses:


Could you possibly add like a (/sell {amount}), And make it to where ops/server admins can do something like (/selladd {item} {price}). I think this would be a cool feature for players.

Happy to see it come out!
But I get stuck on permissions.
I tried PermissionsEX,but I have no idea how to use it.
No config file and no commands introduced.
Thus I do not have permission to set a shop.
Which permissions manage plugin you are using?

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I’ll probably do this in SpongeEssentialCmds at some point.

Use PEX.


Thanks.BTW,have PEX allowed to use wild-card?
if wild-card can be used in this plugin,it will be much easier to configure permissions :slight_smile:

I believe there is a special command to enable you to have all permissions. I think it’s

/pex group [group name] def true

If it’s not, I would ask in the PEX thread.

Oh, I didn’t mean that.
not all permissions in this game but all the permissions in THIS plugin.
Just like " adminshop.* " :smiley:

You’d have to ask zml.

giving the permission adminshop 1 should do that if what i read somewhere is correct

It should be enough to give players adminshop perm as zml designed PEX to be inherit. Giving a player this permission should give him all available child permissions too. This way adminshop.* isn’t needed anymore.

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Houston, we’ve got a problem. - Whilst you have excelled once more and surpassed yourself again, the plugin which is the prerequisite for your AdminShop, is not compatible with the latest stable build, ie 1487/525. As a result the game won’t load.

Maybe you could liaise with @Erigitic?

PS I’ve added my avatar depicting me - on top- as well as the rest of my familiy…

Try the latest Sponge and Forge.

Im trying to use AdminShop but TotalEconomy is causing my whole server to crash and im using the latest version of sponge and forge