[Discontinued] AdminShop [v1.8.2] - Server Shops


Anyone else experiencing lag for about 20-30 seconds after making a shop?
There was no lag when creating or breaking a shop until we had a good amount of shops done… then it just got slower and slower each time. :confused:

Right now it takes about 30 seconds of lag after setting the shop on the sign.


How do we make it so you can sell things back to the shop? Was looking for documention on it but could not find any.



I suggested above that he fix his mistake in the description…

Anyway, what you use is this command;
/setshop {price} true

True - indicates that you want it to be a sell shop instead of a buy.


Thank you. You’re a big help with a lot of his plugins :smiley:


Thanks and anytime ^-^


Ah, I have found the issue, am pushing a new build in a minute.


Release v1.7b

Tested on SpongeForge 1227


  • Fixed lag issues with large numbers of shops.



Works like a charm, thanks again Hassan!


you can also write /setshop {price} 1 - saves a bit of typing :sunglasses:


This may be a really silly question but could someone help me to understand how sell shops work?


Depends on how you define a sell shop.

If you mean where a user sells their items, all they do is click the sign with the item in hand.

If you mean where a user buys items, they just click the sign.


where the user sells the item

this is how i have the shop set up
and the command im using is ./setshop, from the tutorial


Hey Lauren, Hassan actually hasn’t fixed the description of this plugin I believe so I will run you through it.

So to make a buy sign you will:
Set a sign down and you can then type whatever you want on it.
Once done with the sign do: /setshop {price}
Now right click the buy sign you just made and it should be done ^-^

To make a sell sign you will:
Set a sign down and you can then type whatever you want on it.
Once done with the sign do: /setshop {price} t << That t right after the price given will turn it into a sell shop.
Now right click the sell sign you just made and it should be done.

So in review:
Buy Sign: /setshop buy {price}
Sell Sign: /setshop buy {price} t


Why is it t? No idea. I feel like it would be much easier if it was say;
/setshop {price} sell
/setshop {price} buy
/setshop {price} s
/setshop {price} b

Could you possibly fix this plugins description please. People are getting confused still.

if you want the shop to be a buy shop, you input true

^ It should say sell instead of buy.
Thank you <3


Hi, Lauren, to qualify things, you go about it as follows:

Write on the sign SELL, so that users know they are selling
Below that you stipulate the price the user is getting for his item/s

Then, whilst you are holding the item or a stack of items, as the case may be you write:

/setshop (price) 1 (or true)
Then you right-click the sign with the item or stack you are holding, and you’ve got your shop.

Where the user can buy items, you simply follow the above, but you write BUY on the sign to clarify things as well as the price and then /setshop (price), ie omitting the “1” or “true”.

All clear?


It seems that the inventory issue has been fixed. Purchased items now appear in the inventory immediately. - Yeah!


Edit: I’m dumb - it does seem to be fix, disregard my comment


If the relevant issue hasn’t been fixed, then why do the purchased items appear in the inventory immediately all of a sudden? (Forge 1808, Sponge 1228+)


Due to it being fixed in 1228 woop!
Now to determine if its worth updating the server. Last time I moved to 1227 it broke a lot of plugins :confused:


I’m on Sponge 1222,
Admin Shop 1.7b


I’m having issues with shops randomly being deleted :confused:
I’m the only one with permission to edit them.


@Ren I’ll look into it