[Discontinued] AdminShop [v1.8.2] - Server Shops


Weird… I’ll test it locally in a moment.


Thanks! Something else: I set /gamerule mobGriefing false. Despite that, and although my Admin Shop is lit up like a Christmas Tree, Creepers spawn and choose to blow themselves into oblivion, taking with them a number of item frames or just a few items. This can be a bit of a bother at times. Is there any way this can be alleviated?


Yeah, I can make them invincible to natural causes (basically anything not caused by a player).


Great! - thanks buddy.

EDIT: @HassanS6000 Can you please fix this as a matter of urgency? Things are getting a bit out of hand … :worried:



Doing it now - was it just the item frames? Or the shops themselves too?


Release v1.8

Tested on SpongeForge 1300


  • Bug fixes with AdminShop Signs not being immune to natural causes.



Thanks Hassan, very much appreciated. :thumbsup:


Currently players are having to leave and reconnect to my server to see the items they purchase. This is quite annoying for them, is there anything that can be done? Also thank you for making signs immune to natural causes. I assume this will protect them against pixelmon!


No there’s nothing I can do about the desynchronization issues between client and server, it’s a Sponge related issue.


Well before this update I kinda got all of my item frames destroyed by snowballs from players… xD So is it possible to add a command called /shopframe that when executed, it tells you to right click a sign and it creates a invincible item frame with the item the sign is assigned to.

I got one more question. Will this plugin be inputted into Nucleus?


Seems like this plugin will remain apart from Nucleus, as it is not really an ESSENTIAL plugin.

The item frames are not protected by AdminShop - it’s something I will be looking into after I have time to transfer AdminShop to store its data in the signs itself instead of in the config file, until then they are not protected by AdminShop - in the meantime I suggest using a protection plugin to stop players from destroying them.



Does Polis help protect the frames?


It should, if not, cause tracking might be broken - as Sponge should know the snow balls were spawned by players, and then Polis would know, and then cancel the snowball from hurting the ItemFrame in the SafeZone.


Bug!. player can’t see item after buy item from sign.


You’re welcome to report it to Sponge, but they already know :wink: - Mumfrey just has been quite busy so hasn’t been able to fix it.


Not sure if this has already been looked at, but when players try to buy an item on my server they have to relog to see the item as if it is not updating their inventory when they buy the item. If this is something we have done please let me know.

Edit: Just read the post above mine disregard this.


Ive seen people do it but im not sure how.They make pixelmon pokedollars work with this plugin, but im not sure how. any suggestions?


You need the economy bridge from Pixelmon, you can grab it from their website


you are jesus, thanks alot


Is there support for version 1.9.4?

This is the error that I am getting:

java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: org.spongepowered.api.entity.living.player.Player.getItemInHand()Ljava/util/Optional;