[Discontinued/Not available anymore] SimplePermissions - A very simple basic permissions plugin

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SimplePermissions is a simple, very basic permissions plugin for Sponge.
You may find newer releases on the Simple Permissions forum page, as Sponge Ore is not complete yet.

Major features:

  • Very easy to use basic commands
  • Working /op and /deop commands
  • Lightweight
  • No configuration file to manually edit - ready to use
  • Per user and per group permissions
  • Users can have multiple groups assigned
  • Groups can have a parent group (group permissions inheritance)
  • Weighted groups (groups can have higher priority)
  • Explicit deny permission (- prefix, negates a permissions)
  • Permission node wildcard (* suffix)
  • Supports options



  • /puser <user> [<add|remove|setgroup|addgroup|removegroup|option|test>] [<permission|group>] - manage users permissions
  • /pgroup <group> [<create|delete|add|remove|parent|weight|option|test>] [<permission|group|weight>] - manage groups permissions
  • /pgroups - list available groups
  • /ptest <permission> - test if you have the specified permission (alias for /puser <yourname> test <permission>)
  • /pdebug <true|false> - print debug informations on the server log (like which permissions are being requested and the result)
  • /op <user> - gives * permission to an user
  • /deop <user> - removes * permission to an user

Commands examples:

  • /puser KaiNoMood - show info about the player KaiNoMood
  • /pgroup default add minecraft.command.say - set the ‘minecraft.command.say’ permission node as default
  • /pgroup admin create - create the ‘admin’ group
  • /pgroup admin add * - set all permissions for the admin group (basically they get all permissions)
  • /puser KaiNoMood addgroup admin - add KaiNoMood to the admin group
  • /puser KaiNoMood option OptionKey This is the option value - set an option to KaiNoMood

Permissions configuration example with 3 players, 2 groups and the default group:

  • Add the permission nodes “perm.alpha” and “perm.beta” to the default group.
  • Add the permission nodes “-perm.beta” (perm.beta set to false), “perm.gamma”, and “-perm.delta” to the mod group.
  • Add the permission nodes "perm.delta to the admin group.
  • Set mod as a parent of the admin group. (this means that the admin group will inherit mod’s permissions)
  • Player A is not in any group, Player B is in the mod group, and Player C is in the admin group.
  • Player A will have “perm.alpha” and “perm.beta” permission nodes set to true.
  • Player B will have “perm.alpha” and “perm.gamma” permission nodes set to true, and “perm.beta” and “perm.delta” permission nodes set to false.
  • Player C will have “perm.alpha”, “perm.gamma” and “perm.delta” permission nodes set to true, and “perm.beta” permission node set to false.


  • Default group is “default”. You cannot rename it. All players are always on the default group (even if you set another group to the player, everyone is still secretly member of the default group).
  • If you need chat prefixes/suffixes, check this project.

##Support my life!
If you like this plugin and you run it fine on your server, please consider a donation!
Thank you very much!

A new version has been released for SimplePermissions, it is available for download here.

A very simple basic permissions plugin

While I can’t leave a donation at the moment. Whenever my server gets bigger I definitely will be coming back. This plugin was so simple to use and I absolutely love it.

I do have one question though, i’m new to “options”. Is there somewhere I can go to find a list of options to manipulate?

If not, the option I’m looking for is %player:%message. That way the prefix and message match the rank prefix for me.

For the Permission Plugin Options are just a Map of Strings -> Strings.
Plugin may use these as they wish, so there is no list of possible options.
e.g. a chatformat plugin might use chat-prefix or prefix or whatever the developer defined.

How do I modify the default group permissions?
When I try, they come back the same with the worldedit active for all o.o