[Discontinued] Player Shops v1.0.0 - Buy and sell items to and from other players


Whenever I make a sell shop, and people try to sell their stuff to it, it says ‘this shop has run out of space’


Ah there was probably an API change between 4.1.0 and 4.2.0, will fix.


Is there a chest with space in under the sign?


yup. there is. works fine with buy shops.


Could you screenshot your setup?


Dude wtf! I rebuilt the exact same setup and it works now? It could be that there was a torch next to it…?? I’m not too sure… but if I replicate it again I’ll share it with you.

Sorry bout that.


Thanks for the plugin and your help on it. : )


I just want to start with.

This plugin is great! Simple to set up for players! they type one command and place a sign and BAM, instant shop. plus works with the backpacks mod my server uses!

I do have one issue however. regarding sell shops.

I don’t receive an error thrown in console, however through constant testing, i’ve found that a sell shop with a stack size of 64. will result in the following being thrown in chat.

The following is how i set up my shop.

This only happens on a stack of 64 for the shop. otherwise stack sizes 63 on down are fine and sell appropriately.

My current sponge info is as follows.

Other than that issue, this plugin is pretty amazing for what it is. a to the point player shops plugin.


It does not work for me :confused:
Using sponge server version 1.10.2.
If I use “/shop sell 10 10” for example it tells me to place an sign to complete.
If I finally place that sign with an space left for an chest underneath I just can place an sign where I can write down something.


It didn’t worked bc of newer forge version, tried it with an old one now.
Can u update the plugin for forge 2093?



sponge version
[11:54:38] [Server thread/INFO] [io.github.hsyyid.essentialcmds]: [Server] executed command sponge version
[11:54:38] [Server thread/INFO]: SpongeForge
Minecraft: 1.10.2
SpongeAPI: 5.0.0-SNAPSHOT-e4df1d5
SpongeForge: 1.10.2-2092-5.0.0-BETA-1752
Minecraft Forge:
[12:10:12] [Server thread/INFO] [io.github.hsyyid.essentialcmds]: [swizz_champ] executed command shop BUY 10
[12:10:15] [Server thread/ERROR] [Sponge]: Could not pass ChangeBlockEvent$Place$Impl to Plugin{id=playershops, name=Player Shops, version=1.10.2-1.0.0, description=Allows players to create shops,…


Thank you! My users will love this :slight_smile:


@NentifyAny plans on updating this cool plugin to the newest Sponge versions?


I am a bit busy for time at the moment, but it is open source so anyone is free to update it. It’s probably relatively painless. I know this probably isn’t what you want to hear, sorry. I’m also happy for anyone to take over my plugins.


I did an little update, works with API 5 and tested with sponge 5.1.0-BETA-1814 (versions below should also work, but not all)



Did you add permissions to the commands?
Could not pass InteractBlockEvent$Secondary$MainHand$Impl to Plugin{id=playershops, name=Player Shops, source=~mods/PlayerShops-1.10.2-1.1.1.jar}
Noticed that in console on a side note


No i didnt.
When do you get this info in the console?
Side note: Which sponge version are you using?


1770.(api 5) http://pastebin.com/FJ7ABmwa

If its due to my version anyway you could make it work with 1770? Im newer to sponge and fear if I upgrade to a new version it may break my other mods/plugins.

May be mixed with some other errors. It happens when a player right clicks the sign. The mod/plugin doesn’t seem to work when someone goes to use the sign.

Shop System

I would recommend to use the lastest beta 5 version(since from what i understand api 5.0 is now released), but if you cant update because of some other plugins (as for mods, they depend on forge) I may do a build for 1770.


Getting an error when right clicking signs above chests.
Running latest SF, Your update, and pixelmon.