[Discontinued] Polis [v2.7.0]


Did you do /polis map and see if the area is actually claimed?


One, you can check the usables in the teams config, and see if they actually registered. Two, make sure that you are using /polis addusable SafeZone pixelmon:PokeHealer, as the command is case sensitive for the last two arguments.

If you tell us what version is the spongeforge and the polis, would help zeroing in the issue.


yep I did and the area is claimed with no other claims around. I did all the claiming at the same time as well


What SpongeForge/Polis version? and, did you check to see if the claims were set in its config file?


Posted this a bit ago but nothing was done about it I guess.

People just use their Pokemon to knock off items on the item frames in SafeZone. Also using snowballs.

I’m using spongy chest on my server and someone mentioned something. How are they going to allow other players to use these shops in their claim? I was thinking if you can make a command In polis. For say /polis allowblock. It prompts them with “Right click a block to make it usable!” Then they can right click the block. But it only works on the block they right clicked on. Not all the blocks with the same ID in their claim. Just something I thought to make your SpongyChest plugin easy to use by players with polis installed


I’ll look into all of this.


If the plugins are made by the same author, you should also look into it “just working” inside claims and have SpongyChest have explicit support for Polis.


Yeah that was an idea I had, but the only problem would be that there are probably going to be other plugins that require users to be able to interact with specific blocks. So, I’d rather support everybody than just my own thing.


Yeah absolutely, Have a user configurable way of adding/removing blocks or entities or something, and then have SpongyChest automatically activate it on shop creation.


Release v2.6.2

Tested on SpongeForge 1303


  • Added the ability to allow specific blocks to be right-clickable by people in other teams.


  • /polis allowblock - Polis leaders can use this command then right click any block in their claim to toggle the blocks “right-clickability” by members of other teams.


  • polis.allowblock.use

Enjoy this Release! :smile:


It would be cool if there is something to see the border of Chunks because you cant see them… :confused:


I’m using PEX for my permissions plugin, but any Polis permission I give a group anytime the person in the group uses the command they get the error response, “You don’t have permission to use this command.”


What Sponge version? Minecraft version? Polis version? PEX version? Are you sure you’re using the permissions provided above?


Sponge version: 4.1.0 BETA
Minecraft Version: 1.8.9
Polis Version: 2.6.2
PEX version: 2.0 [API 4.0]
And yes I am sure I’m using the correct permission, I’ve checked a few times.

Thanks for the speedy response!


Hey, how do I allow players to pickup items in a claimed area?


Ok so here’s a issue I’m having.
I use the Mod CustomNPCs.
I have the spawn area protect with FoxGuard because if I claim with polis people can’t use the NPCs . Can you somehow have a command that adds entities to the ones “interactable”? Is there an existing way to do this?

But since i need Polis for players to claim their stuff, I use FoxGuard for spawn, but people can random claim part of spawn and if there’s an npc there the rest of player can’t use it. So i really wanna drop FoxGuard and use ur plugin for everything. I just don’t want to be worried about some1 claiming a chunk of spawn. (They can’t break anything but still is messy)

Thanks in advance, Lopes122


If you had checked correctly, you could’ve seen that you can use adminclaims (SafeZone/WarZone) as a way to administer a certain area - effectively blocking others from claiming it. You can claim by radius, if it is a large area. You can also make use of /polis map to see the chunks that are claimed by the SafeZone area around you.

You can indeed add entities to your SafeZone interact list, you only need the ID of that entity. You can use the EssentialsCmds’ command /blockinfo whilst looking at that entity to get the ID, if I remember well.

And finally, personally, I only use Polis and have had no issues dropping FoxGuard.


I didnt thought NPCs would be considered blocks. Should have tested I guess! Thanks alot


No problem! Let me know if there are still issues.


Not possible yet, will have to add this feature later.