[Discontinued] Polis [v2.7.0]


Was this resolved? If not, send a PasteBin of your permissions.json.


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I looked into this - Polis does not interfere with the pickup of items - although I am adding an option soon to allow servers to determine whether or not players can drop items from their inventories in claimed areas.


Release v2.6.3

Tested on SpongeForge 1320


  • Added the ability for server admins to specify in the config whether or not they’d like players to be able to drop items in claimed areas - there is a slight bug with this currently (it does not detect when players use q to drop the item), but to my knowledge it will be fixed by Sponge soon.

  • Cleaned up a few things.

Enjoy this Release! :smile:


I’m having a slight problem with /polis addusuable. The people can actually break the block that is specified rather it only being only right clickable.

Polis: v2.6.2
SpongeForge: Build 1298
Forge: 1808


Would it be possible to add protection to item frames? Pixelmon are still able to break the item frames, which is a problem for our shop. Would it be possible to add this feature to Adminshops/Spongychest or Polis?

Also, the command for disabling mobs in SafeZone does not seem to work. I’ve tried using the all of the reasons, but they still spawn (pixelmon:pixelmon).


You’re sure this is the correct ID?


According to the “/entityinfo” command from EssentialCmds it is. I’ve also checked some previous server logs and the same entity ID pops up. I was able to prevent users in SafeZone from getting stuck in battles by adding pixelmon:pixelmon to the usable blocks list, so I assumed it would be the same for the spawning. All of the other entity names I’ve tried spit out a “Too many arguements” error. Unless there’s a different ID that I’m not seeing, I’m not sure what to do.


One thing that would be nice to have is the ability to set flags. An admin could configure flag defaults and what flags are user configurable. In SafeZone and WarZone I would like the ability to toggle block interact on or off, explosions, fire damage, etc. For player claims there should be a way to set these to non-configurable defaults or allow players to change them.


usable { blocks="pixelmon:pixelmon,pixelmon:item.PC,pixelmon:item.Trade_Machine,pixelmon:item.Healer,minecraft:pig,minecraft:chicken,pixelmon:PokeHealer,pixelmon:PC_Block,pixelmon:Trading_Machine," }
10/10 can confirm it is the correct ID for Pixelmon entities, this config works fine for me.


You are able to dupe items by throwing them in a claimed town, you will get a message saying “You cannot drop items in a claimed area” but get an extra item.


Having a slight bug. People can duplicate items. Just going into another persons claim and using q.


Alright, I’ll check this out.


Release v2.6.4

Tested on SpongeForge 1347


  • Fixed the dupe issue where players who dropped items in claimed regions would get two items back for every one they dropped.

Enjoy this Release! :smile:


Sorry for asking this, but I can’t find the answer anywhere. Is there a command to toggle pvp on in safezones?


I don’t believe so as isn’t the point of a safezone to not have PVP? If you want to just protect a region maybe you should look into a different plugin such as RedProtect or FoxGuard.

Edit: Or as Hassan stated a WarZone may be a good choice, that didn’t come to mind at the time, sorry haha.


Use a WarZone if you want land protected but PvP enabled.


I have a couple of users saying when they drop an item in a protected polis they will get the message but it removes the item they are holding now


What Sponge are you using


Sponge version 1366


Release v2.6.5

Tested on SpongeForge 1385


  • Recompiled project to avoid issues with API breakages (setLocation return type changed to boolean)

Enjoy this Release! :smile: