[Discontinued] Polis [v2.7.0]


After doing some testing; bringing up an entirely copied server from the ground up over and adding/removing polis and restarted I’ve concluded that this plugin is the cause of players balances receiving HUGE sums of money taken every time the server restarts or a long time interval has went by. Players losing sums of 25k+ when their balance is high; or more… This is a HUGE bug. Taxes should be turned off by default unless the server admin want them.


It is not a bug

Taxes are configurable by the Polis itself. If people do not want to lose money from taxes, they can disable them for their Polis.

I will make taxes a configurable feature later on


ok well there needs to be a login message or something notifying the player that taxes has been taken from them. Also if the polis is taking taxes; shouldn’t that tax be deposited into the polis bank? where does the money go? when they check their bank balance its 0. The money just vanishes. and It is taking large amounts of taxes by default. what is the default ratio? In my opinion; it is a bug. Its not properly being utilized.


Now that is a bug, I’ll look into that


the biggest issue i have with the taxing is that by default it is enabled for towns; ontop of that you have commands to allow the town owner the ability to change the town tax %… this is a HUGE issue; the town owner would be able to increase the % by 300% or whatever, and steal ALL of the balance of another player that is in their town, and then with bank withdrawals they can remove the money. thus i think the % should be a server owner config; and the town taxing should be disabled by default. every time the server restarts it removes a large % from the players balances without letting them know what its doing. there is no notification, and it doesn’t get deposited into the town banks it just vanishes into thin air.


That isn’t really necessary since a backwards compatible fix was pushed the other day :wink:


Release v2.6.6:

Minecraft 1.8.9 - Tested on SpongeForge 1402
Minecraft 1.9.4 - Tested on SpongeForge 1406


  • First release for Minecraft v1.9.4

Enjoy this Update! :smile:


Would it be possible to add a social spy feature for the Polis chat for admins? It doesn’t show up anywhere in-game, on the console, or in the logs.


UUIDs instead of player names should up on the polis information, this was reported by a player:


Player names are used unless the UUID is not found in the Sponge gameprofilemanager

I’ll look into this anyway to ensure there is no issue


There seems to be a problem with walking into fire/lava when you are a member of a Polis. It only seems to happen when people are inside of claimed land by any Polis or the WarZone. Unclaimed land and SafeZone claims do not return the message.


Haha this is a funny bug. I’ll fix it asap


Can we get a /player command to see a persons server join date, balance, town they are in etc
I get it requested by a lot of people and i’m sure it would be useful to others


Yep, I’ll work on this soon


Thanks much appreciated, looking forward to it


I think I found another bug. When two Poleis have the same name in different cases (see picture), traveling between them doesn’t give any greeting or farewell messages. It kinda confused me for a bit. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ll fix this ASAP as well


I’ve gotten reports that Pistons are vanishing upon use in claims.


Is there a way that an admin can claim a whole world? I am using project worlds and I need only one world that people can use Polis in.


Any luck with preventing Pixelmon from breaking item frames?