[Discontinued] Polis [v2.7.0]


Any news on that update? :open_mouth:


Release v2.6.7:

Minecraft 1.8.9 - Tested on SpongeForge 1471
Minecraft 1.9.4 - Tested on SpongeForge 1473


  • Major bug fixes

Enjoy this Update! :smile:


How would you use the new command?

I tried /player [name] and /p player [name] but didn’t work :worried:


/polis player <player>

Last Login Date

I get a “Too many arguements!” message


Is there a way to let everyone interact in your town with out inviting every person that comes on the server?


Can town citizens claim their own piece of land?


No, only executives or leaders can claim land.


I mean, can citizens own a plot? In the old version of Towny for CraftBukkit, every citizen could have their own plots and claims, and they could modify their properties and functionalities, too.


Really do not want to use safe zone would rather be able to make a town with ppl able to walk and interact in the town!


In SafeZone you can actually make things interactable (entities, blocks, tile entities, etc.) - walking is not disabled in any means by this plugin


But is there a way to have a town set up where players can interact with blocks or just have no restrictions with out inviting them to the town?


You can define blocks you want to be interactable with, but there will be restrictions - PvP is disabled in SafeZone, if you want that enabled, you’ll need to use a WarZone. If you want to more control over protecting land - I’d recommend GriefPrevention


is there a way to rename SafeZones because I would like then to walk in to the town saying the towns name not SafeZone


Two things:

  1. When an executive tries to leave a town, it tells them they left, but they’re still part of it. They can’t leave until the leader kicks or demotes them.
  2. When using “/polis” it spits out the wrong version (Using 2.6.7, command says 2.6.6)


Okay, thanks for the info, I’ll get to work fixing this soon.


Release v2.6.8:

Minecraft 1.8.9 - Tested on SpongeForge 1547
Minecraft 1.10.2 - Tested on SpongeForge 1560


  • Support for Minecraft 1.10.2 (API 5.0.0)

Enjoy this Update! :smile:


i don’t know why the staff of the server that im in don’t fix the taxes problem
polis keep taking 100$ of me from time to time and they say it’s my problem
that i didn’t abandon my claim at a time when i just was in the server
and they don’t wan to fix it does staff can use commands of taxes or it just
they don’t want to do it they keep telling me it’s my fault that i didn’t abandon my claim
now i use grief protection i didn’t abandon my claim back there bc i didn’t have enough
claim blocks but it still taking 100$ from time to time and i can’t delete my claim or abandon it now bc they have removed any polis promotion from the player and only owners can use it and it been month and half and it still didn’t fix why


Already reported


THX im sorry i didn’t know that