[Discontinued] Polis [v2.7.0]



So I am in the process of starting up an adventure pixelmon server which is pretty much complete. All I need to do is allow the custom npcs to be interacted with for everyone instead of just the people in the polis. Could someone help me out please? Thank you for your time



You’d be adding an usable, which is basically the general ID of the NPC entity in Pixelmon. Use EssentialsCmds/Nucleus to get that ID through a command.


Couldn’t get that to work :confused:


Which id are you talking about?


This seems unrelated to Polis? Perhaps ask in a support channel such as on Pixelmons discord, or Sponge’s numerous IRC channel.


I dont know what id it is but I am trying to get people on the server to interact with these custom npcs but I cant because you cant use the /allowblock command on them. I also tried browsing the interwebs and couldnt find what id a custom npc is.


… as I said, you need to use the /polis addusable command, specifying if its using it in a SafeZone, or WarZone. The ID will be in the format of minecraft:sheep - and as I said, you can get this exact ID by using a command seen in essential plugins, like EssentialCmds’ /entityinfo or/blockinfo.


My server was lagging more than usual yesterday, so I generated a timings report and Polis appeared to be causing a lot of it (EntityMoveListener to be more specific). 16 people were on at the time. Would this be a problem on my end, with the plugin, or is this completely normal?


I just came here to report the same issue actually.


Already reported


What is the permission for players to create a polis? I tryed everything and polis.create, polis.create.use


polis.add? It’s listed right on the main post. :stuck_out_tongue:


omg --, i thought that was just like /polis invite or something like that --. I was searching for “create” in the permissions. thanks!


How do I go about allowing certain players or builders to build in Admin claimed land? I’ve claimed the spawn of my server with admin claim WarZone and cannot give access to alter it to any of my builders. /polis toggleadminbypass does in fact not allow people to build within said regions.


I’m having trouble with my server tickstat, and I checked /sponge timings report and this is what I found. Is there any way I can optimize this or disable that event from firing?

If not, that’s fine. Just trying to work out some lag that I’ve been putting my players through recently.

Oh, I see I’m not the first one with this issue. Sorry for redundancy, but there’s my data as well, if it helps.


I’ve taken a stab at fixing it, hopefully Hassan will be able to take a look at it soon.


That’s because you are using the wrong permission node - polis.claim.admin.modify is the one you want.


Hello, I installed polis and trying to auto admin claim and its asking me for a zone name and anything I type it says its not applicable. Help PLS


/polis adminclaim SafeZone


If I wanted to make a 2000 by 2000 safezone, would I have to claim or walk with /autoclaim each chunck, or is there a radius or corner method I can use to claim this last faster.