[Discontinued] Polis [v2.7.0]


could you make a 1.9.4 version of this plugin


/polis adminclaim <zone> - Claims the chunk you're in as specified zone. This command actually has another argument, which is - you can then claim around you in a radius of chunks you predetermine.


The Sponge community is skipping 1.9.4, and this means that all plugins here will have branches for 1.8.9 OR 1.10.2 - moving into the latter.


As in the Factions plugin, I suggest you add a power feature that allows one town or “faction” claim another town’s or “faction’s” claimed land. This feature allows clans or towns to be raided.


I’m loving Polis! But I can’t figure out how to use command blocks, they aren’t interactive now (with Polis). Suggestions?


I’ve tried addusable command_block and addblock. I can place the blocks, but not open them.


I’ll check this out but it should be minecraft:command_block


Thanks, Hassan. I’ve tried that, and just command_block, and even the id number. Weird thing is I’ve managed to open two command blocks, both shortly after starting the server, but then I lose the ability without changing permissions.

Also, just so I can keep testing, should I be able to use them in the SafeZone, in my own town, or anywhere as an op?


Aaaand it’s working now. I wonder if it required a restart after addusable?


And now not again. Haven’t changed anything. Did a warp to another world, and it stopped working. Even going back where it did work, now it doesn’t.


Essentialcmds /warp stops it working. Then it works again if I log out/in. Perhaps this isn’t a Polis issue.


If it works at odd times between a restart, it means that something is competing to manage that permission - one feature loads after the other, and depending on that it will determine if after that restart you are able to use those blocks. I would suggest opening a thread in Sponge Support.

Make sure to give detailed list of all your setup elements.


Hello Hassan,

I repost this and I had one proposition to add in your plugin.
Can you add a system of power like Faction does? . Each towns have a “power” depending of the number of player in it. If a player die, the town loose power. If a town has more power than an other town, this town can claim over the claim of the other town.
Can you add the possibility to disable the plugin in certain world ?

Thank you for your work :slight_smile:


Great plugin! Just curious to know if you added toggle fire protection for SafeZones? It would be nice to not have to turn off fire spread for the entire server. Thanks!


Release v2.6.9:

Minecraft 1.8.9 - Tested on SpongeForge 4.2.0-BETA-1666
Minecraft 1.10.2 - Tested on SpongeForge 5.0.0-BETA-1680


  • Updated for performance fixes, thanks to @dualspiral
  • Minor fixes

Enjoy this Update! :smile:


Could you add support for modded blocks in Zones? @HassanS6000
We want to claim Spawn as a SafeZone so players can’t claim spots and prevent players from accessing chests and Pixelmon Trading and Healer blocks. We’ve tried adding pixelmon:item.Healer for example to an allowed interactable block but it does not seem to support it.


It does work. You are simply using the wrong ID. Use the Technical IDs and let me know if it works - because those are the block IDs, not the held items.



If you have a fossil cleaner and put an item in it, a non-resident can keep breaking it and it will dupe whatever item is inside that fossil cleaner


I want to use this plugin in a peaceful form and fashion. I don’t want to use this as a town vs town plugin. I want to disable the PVP aspect and have it as just a way for players to be part of towns and able to have their own protected plots in each town. Also only have it so players can build on their own plots and only town members can destroy blocks in their town. Is this option available? I’m not running a pvp server lol.


Disable PVP server wide?