[Discontinued] SimpleVotifierListener [v0.6.5]


This plugin enables server admins to setup simple randomly selected rewards for their users when they vote. This plugin currently only supports NuVotifier for Sponge. It requires an Economy plugin to be installed. (I may make this configurable in the future.) In short - this plugin executes two random commands from a list you specify as well as randomly pays the player an amount in a specified range.


You can head over to the GitHub page to grab the latest build of SimpleVotifierListener here.

GitHub Repository

If you’d like to check out the code, you can do so here.


/votifierlistener - Main command of plugin, it will return the version installed.
/votifierlistener addreward <command> - Adds command as a possible reward.
/votifierlistener removereward <command> - Removes command as a possible reward.    
/votifierlistener addlink <link> - Adds vote link.
/vote - Lists all links in a list (they are clickable).



Support Me

If you’d like to support me, you can do so here.


Does it support color codes? Like if someone does /vote and it shows the vote links are we able to make those in color

Vote links do not support color codes yet

All right looking forward to when they do

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Votifier is slowly but surely gaining a standing in Sponge… woo hoo! Nice simplistic plugin!

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I get this error when I try donate Picture :frowning:

Hmm, I’ll check it out

EDIT: @TreasureIsland Fixed.

I’m not seeing the command options for my admin account

[23:57:21 INFO]: SpongeVanilla
     Minecraft: 1.8.9
     SpongeAPI: 3.1.0-SNAPSHOT-648d95f
     SpongeVanilla: 1.8.9-3.1.0-BETA-239

[23:57:46 INFO]: Plugins (13): Minecraft, SpongeVanilla, Blood Money, SpongeAPI, Polis, EssentialCmds, Total Economy, PermissionsEx, ServerListPlus, Project Portals, NuVotifier, AdminShop, Prism

It doesn't look like it's loading. Full log below


Getting a new message :frowning: Picture

Outdated version of NuVotifier. Please redownload it.

Try again, changed it once more…

Worked. :slight_smile: Thanks for all your help.

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Theres only one version listed

Wheres the newer version? Theres nothing else on github but one previous version 2.3.2… Also take note both versions download as 2.3.2.

Just to make sure I re-downloaded and reapplied… Same errors my friend


Huh, he might not have uploaded the new version… Let me check…

Could the error have something to do with this…

Unrelated, this plugin doesn’t even utilize Updatifier… I will put a direct link to the correct version on the release.

Thats good… I thought maybe you were trying to load something from votifier when it hadnt been loaded yet and maybe thats what was causing the issue. Glad its hopefully something more simple. Thanks

So where’s the correct version? I’ll see if reverting to the older version works.

Digging deeper into Java… not my favorite language (but not my least) and the way mods are loaded… it would seem you have an issue with order. Sponge loads the mods by filename and alpha-numeric… or numeric alpha for that matter. Renamed the NuVotifier jar file with a 01 in front of it… and it fixed my issue… It’s the same fix for the “other post” I referenced as well. That’s a sponge bug… it needs better dependency handling.

[05:52:31 INFO]: Plugins (16): Minecraft, SpongeVanilla, Blood Money, SpongeAPI, EntityDisguise, Polis, EssentialCmds, Total Economy, PermissionsEx, VotifierListener, ItemAuction, ServerListPlus, Project Portals, NuVotifier, AdminShop, Prism

New Full Log:

Uhh, that should not be the case, as in the dependencies it’s loaded after NuVotifier

Your right alphabetically but not case wise… Upper case files get listed first after files that start with numbers… So NuVotifier can capitalize his jar file or you can lowercase yours. Basically directly listing is just being used for load order. So whatever filesystem order is defined for displaying files is the order they will be loaded… Numbers, Capitals by Alpha, Lower by Alpha. They need to write a simple init system.