Do you like my server idea?

Hi, I am frogocomics and I own a small private server called Blockenton City. My friends and I are currently building a city and we hope to release it to the public as a roleplay server. I am currently learning Java and the SpongeAPI and I plan to start coding custom plugins soon. I would be a world where you:

  • Get a job
  • Earn Money
  • Buy items
  • Have fun!

The thing is, I don’t know if this is a great idea. I’m afraid the plugins may be too hard to code. (I STILL don’t understand the Java abstract keyword!) Please give me some suggestions so I may improve my ideas!

You really wouldn’t have to do much custom coding based on the features here. Many of those plugins exist. If you do end up needed to custom code something you will be extremely limited especially if you do not understand abstraction or other polymorphism aspects of Java.

Hmmm… Still learning Java, and there are few Sponge plugins made. I’m afraid Pore may not function well.

It is sutcha good idea that almost 80% off the servers have that model. Its called a server economy…

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As @thomas15v said, this is so common that you may want to add something to make or server unique or pick a different model.

Why don’t to make a survival city building server?
Building is one of the key gameplay elements.
Economy can be a part of it (trade with land, trade with blocks, maybe even shares?).
It would be awesome if the map was populated by human NPCs, but that would be a really difficult job.

Plugin idea: A way to “mark” apartments, shops and offices (closed rooms with at least one door) with special blocks (like a bed, a toilet, …). The NPCs will populate the marked rooms (work, sleep, go shopping, etc…).

I don’t think that “jobs” for players will be a fun gameplay element. Maybe just small things like repair the toilet of your NPC client :wink:

Of course, alongside with the economy job system, maybe a few simple minigames such as spleef would interest players. I want the server to model real life. I also hope that citizens api would be ported to Sponge!

This list suggests that the developers of Citizens plan to port the plugin to Sponge.

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Don’t worry, we’ll be porting Citizens indeed :slight_smile:

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If you have a server idea, especially if you as well as a lot of other people feel it is strong and a great idea… well I have two suggestions.

  1. Don’t post about it on a forum. (Unless you want to forget about being original)
  2. Pursue it.

I don’t agree with @Luke.
I think that posting your ideas can give you a lot of useful feedback, and maybe even people who want to contribute.


Agree with you. Posting the idea can not only allow other people to point out possible flaws or improvements but also allow you to gauge interest.

All good points, but It’s tough to compete with big servers, and unless I was 100% confident in an idea, I wouldn’t talk about it too much, then again, you’re fairly vague so It’s not that big of deal.

Why do you want to compete with big servers?
A small, friendly community is much better.


I never said I wanted to.

And I agree, a small, friendly community is much better.

Thanks guys. Got the ideas I want. Maybe just a small server for now. SERVER HOSTING IS EXPENSIVE!


Not unless it’s home hosted :wink:

Yes, although to do that requires that you have a good enough spare pc (if you want it to be 24/7) and that your ISP doesn’t have a monthly data limit. I do agree though that if you can, home hosted is the best way to go. I have a spare pc that I installed MineOS on and use as my server!