Downloads Version

Downloads Version 1.8-1521-2.1DEV-717 ?.

Yeah, the downloads site is currently broken. Sorry for the inconvenience :confused:

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yes the latest version links are dead. :smile:

Check this post

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Thank you.

Can you give me the version 1.8-1521-2.1DEV-719

Thank you in advance.

Currently, you can only download Sponge build 717 from the maven server

717 doesn’t work correctly but was fixed in later versions. Still can’t download those, I’m afraid

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An idea when the download were avaible ? (Sorry for my english; ))

Until they fix the errors which causes SpongeCommon not to compile.

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Okay thanks ! :wink:

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No problem, just wait patiently. :slight_smile:


Versions sponge-1.8-1521-2.1DEV-
No longer listed in the packets

Now it’s new versions 1.8-1499-2.1DEV-

A flashback?.

All SpongeForge downloads are located here:

great thank you