🦅 Eagle Factions 🦅 (1.10.2-1.12.2) - A simple yet powerful war-plugin!


Ahh, okay. Now get it! However I don’t think it would fit into this plugin. The thought with this one was to have a simple factions (with addition of claims). I am planning to do a second plugin where the thing you are saying will actually be possible (power will work differently there which will allow such things like quests and so). When I am planning to do it? Sadly, no idea.


I’m confused here. I’m trying to have my friends create their own factions but for some reason it’s not working. It says you do not have permission. It says the same thing with me unless I make myself OP. I need help how do I fix this?


Sounds like you need to install a permissions plugin.


I think you already got help for others but yeah, you need one Permissions Plugin to get EF to work.


EagleFactions - Update 0.12.0 (1.10.2-1.12.2)

Version: 1.12.2
Tested with: Spongeforge-1.12.2-2768-7.1.5

Version: 1.11.2
Tested with: SpongeForge-1.11.2-2476-6.1.0-BETA-2792

Version: 1.10.2
Tested with: SpongeForge-1.10.2-2477-5.2.0-BETA-2793

Note: This is a beta release of Eagle Factions and can possibly contain some small bugs so be aware of it.

Hello Eagles! :eagle:

Finally, after 4 months we are getting to next Eagle Factions release which is 0.12.0 beta!

This update contain many improvements, fixes and some new features. Take a look at Release Notes below to see what have been changed.

As an addition… I have to say that we are almost achieved the state of the plugin that is good for full 1.0.0 release. More features will of course come after 1.0.0. I am looking forward to release 1.0.0 in the next time :smile:.

1.0.0 Will be however last version for 1.10.2 and 1.11.2 as these versions begin being old and probably there are not so many people who are still using them. This will make updates a lot of easier as it is painful to go through the code and adapt it for 1.10.2 and 1.11.2 while I am constantly developing in 1.12.2.

Hopefully next update will arrive at Ore as well. :smile:

If you find any problems, please post them at Github. :slight_smile:

Oh, and… thank you sooooo much for being so active on my Discord server! :smile: It helped a lot with bugfixing and improvements!

Release Notes


  • Added Square Claim Command. Basically, gives you ability to claim multiple chunks by specifying a radius.
  • Debug Command. Shows some useful information while interacting with blocks. Used mainly to test protection system.
  • Added Faction’s Motd (Message Of The Day). It can be set by using /f motd command and will be displayed for players while joining on the server.
  • Added Faction’s Description. You can use /f desc to edit faction’s description.
  • Added config node that will allow you to set up if only player’s faction’s claims should be visible in the factions map.
  • Added PlaceholdersAPI support. You can get some placeholders from Eagle Factions if you have installed PlaceholdersAPI on your server. Check out Placeholders Page at the wiki.
  • Added config node that will allow you to set if you want to see a notification in the chat when Factions Remover delete a faction.
  • Added clickable faction’s tag in chat. You can now click faction’s tag in the chat to open information about it.
  • Added particle effect while claiming territory.
  • Player Commands do not need a permissions plugin to work now.


  • Factions Admin Mode now gives you ability to other factions internal (alliance, faction only) messages.
  • Home Command should teleport you safely now to faction’s home. That means, it should not teleport you underneath the block where home is set.
  • Sponge’s Command /sponge reload plugins can be used to reload Eagle Factions now.
  • Updated database scripts.


  • Fixed saving items’ metadata in factions’ chests.
  • Fixed deletion of armor stands in safezone world.
  • Fixed delayed claiming. It is done properly now. No more spamming in the chat after successful claim.
  • Fixed removal of claims while using H2 database. Claims were not correctly saved before. It should work fine now.
  • Fixed claiming by using map while being in WarZone or SafeZone. Yes, it was not possible before.
  • Fixed hitting entities in protected territory. It was not possible to use name tags or feed animals. It should be fixed now.
  • Prevented Red Matter tools from duplicating blocks in protected territory.
  • Prevented dealing damage to friendly players by using Tech Guns. No more hurting friends :yellow_heart:.
  • Prevented dealing damage to friendly players by using bows from Tinker’s Construct.
  • Prevented destroying territory by dragons from Ice & Fire.
  • Prevented destroying territory and duplication f blocks by dynamites from Industrial Craft 2.
  • Prevented duplication of blocks by using Industrial Craft’s mining laser in explosive mode. (Fixed in 50% actually, see known bugs below).
  • Some extra small fixes.

Known bugs:

  • MySQL is currently not available. You can still choose it in the config file but it will not work. It should be fixed in the next release.
  • The One Probe is triggering protection system in Eagle Factions when you are looking at a block in protected territory. At this moment, I have no idea how to fix this at this moment. Gonna try my best until the next release.
  • Industrial Craft’s Mining Laser is still somehow affecting blocks in protected territory. While shooting will mining laser in explosive mode in protected territory then no blocks are duplicated, but if you aim on the side of the claim then blocks will be duplicated. Mining Laser does not trigger Sponge’s Explosion Event. This makes it a little bit harder to fix.

Future Plans:

  • Bringing Friendly Fire Command back
  • Fixing MySQL
  • Adding MariaDB
  • and more…

Download can be found at Github

Thanks everyone for your support and feedback!

And for the most… thanks for using Eagle Factions! :eagle:


I have a local server with Eagle Factions plugins and i have a problem :confused:
I created faction and i claimed some chunks and when i restart the server, nothing was saved. I have to recreate everything every time ! I play in 1.11.2
Do you have a solution ?


Hey, good that you are asking. Well, It is actually my mistake why it is not working. I did not test 1.11.2 very well. When you save a faction, you should be able to see an error in the console. There is a fixed version of the plugin on my Discord Server (link in the description), but you can try changing storage type to H2 first. You can do this in settings.conf file located in eaglefactions folder. I think H2 should work fine with your current EF version.