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This plugin requires the ProjectCore library to function.


/kit create <kit>
/kit delete <kit>
/kit cooldown <kit> <cooldown>
/kit limit <kit> <limit>
/kit price <kit> <price>
/kit book [kit]
/kit list
/kit view <kit>
/kit reset <cooldown|limit> <kit> <player>
/kit <kit>
/kit give <player> <kit>


  • easykits.kit. - Access to the kit by name
  • easykits.cmd.kit - Access to /kit
  • easykits.cmd.kit.create - Access to /kit create
  • easykits.cmd.kit.delete - Access to /kit delete
  • easykits.cmd.kit.cooldown - Access to /kit cooldown
  • easykits.cmd.kit.limit - Access to /kit limit
  • easykits.cmd.kit.price - Access to /kit price
  • easykits.cmd.kit.give - Access to /kit give
  • easykits.cmd.kit.list - Access to /kit list - Access to /kit book
  • easykits.cmd.kit.view - Access to /kit view - Allow opening kit in book.
  • easykits.cmd.kit.book - Access to /kit book
  • easykits.cmd.kit.reset - Access to /kit reset
  • easykits.override.cooldown - Override cooldown time.
  • easykits.override.limit - Override the max limit player can get kit
  • easykits.override.price - Override price of kit if economy is enabled.
  • easykits.sign.create - Allow player to create kit signs
  • easykits.sign.break - Allow player to break kit signs
  • easykits.modify - Allows player to modify kit when viewing it


To create a kit, simply arrange your inventory and armor with the items you would like in the kit.

/kit create <name>

To set a price for a kit run the following:

/kit price <kit> <price>

To set a cooldown time for a kit run the following:

NOTE: Time format examples: 10s, 1m, 1h, 1d

/kit cooldown <kit> <cooldown>

To set the max limit player can get kit with the following:

/kit limit <kit> <limit>

To reset players cooldown or limit on a kit type the following:

/kit reset cooldown <kit> <player>
/kit reset limit <kit> <player>

To view all kits you have permission to, grab the kits book with the following:

/kit book

This book will always contain an updated list of kits. A max a 54 kits can be displayed. Simply right click to open. The inventory will show a book for each kit. click to view contents of kit. If you would like to obtain this click, click the nether star in the bottom right corner.

If you would like to get a single kit book, you can specify a a kit with the following:

/kit book [kit]


If you you prefer commands you can list kits with the following:

/kit list

To view contents of a kit:

/kit view <kit>

To obtain a kit:

/kit <kit>


To create a sign type [kit] then the kit name on next line. You can also specify, though not required, whether player checks will be performed such as cooldown and limit, by entering true or false on next line. Default is true

You’ll know you did it right if the color format changes (Price will display if set):

Right click to use sign.
You can set in the config whether using the sign shows the kit or gets the kit by setting ‘sign-action’ to either ‘view -or- get’

Development Builds

To get the latest builds of EasyKits or my other projects, check the link below. Fair warning, these builds may not always be stable

Download Here

In-Game Command Help:

Like all my plugins if you need information on what commands do, as part of ProjectCore, you can you the help command.

/helpme [rawCommand]

For example if you want to know how to use /kit create use the following:

/helpme kit create

/helpme will also list any subcommands if any exist. For example /helpme kit will list all subcommands for easykits

Command lists are clickable and the arguments can be hovered over for more details.


Creating plugins for Sponge takes time and effort. If you enjoy the hard work I’ve put into to this please feel free to get my a cup of coffee. It is much appreciated.



A new version has been released for EasyKits, it is available for download here.

Kits for all

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A new version has been released for EasyKits, it is available for download here.

Few bug fixes
reconfiguration of player checks
mostly implemented help information

Hello, I want to copy your plug-in to MCBBS can?

Will you add a GUI for selecting kits?

Hello, I was just wondering if you could make it to where when a player first join the server, it could give them an option to accept a “starter” kit?

Please and Thank you.

Oh, nevermind, just figured it out. It’s in the configs.

Hello, so I was wondering how come when I set the kit’s price to a certain amount of money, how come it doesn’t charge me? I’m using TotalEconomy with PIxelMoney and PixelBridge

Check your permissions, easykits.override.price overrides economy system

A new version has been released for EasyKits, it is available for download here.

Kits for all

so i have set up serveral kits. when i op myself i can get the kits. But when i un op myself, it says i do not have permissions to use commands.

I had my permissions screwed up in the OP. Fixed


I’m having trouble getting the mod to use the currency I am using. How do i set that up properly?

Hello, i have a problem.
when I make the / kit and I disconnect I can redo / kit while basic there is cooldown

i put a price on kit but when i click to buy i dont get charged. And i dont know how to change permission or anything its my first time using plugins and i already searched for it but i dont understand. Can you explain how to make the kits really purchable? (EN isnt my first language, sorry)

The kits dont charge on my money!! help can u explain how to fix this? (i dont know how to change permissions)

What permissions plugin are you using?

If your not using one then you will need one

Im using Luckperms

Did you attempt to add permissions before? or have you not added permissions at all?

i dont even know what you mean. probably ‘not added permissions at all’