EasySpawn [v1.0.0] for [SpongeAPI 3.0->3.1->4.1.0->5.0.0]

Are you sick of vanilla randomly placing your players around your spawn point instead of at the location you specified?


Then EasySpawn is for you!


EasySpawn spawns players in the centre of blocks(not the corner), whenever they naturally spawn back at the worldspawn.

If the world spawn point isn’t safe, it will attempt to spawn them nearby, however that is only if the position you set is not safe, unlike the randomness that Minecraft introduces.

(Not on login, or when beds are a valid re-spawn location.)

Currently it is unable to spawn players accurately for the first time they login, until SpongeCommon implements the JoinData to work out if it’s their first time joining.

Report bugs on the github page: https://github.com/ryantheleach/EasySpawn/issues

Download releases on : https://github.com/ryantheleach/EasySpawn/releases

Haha that was fast xD Good job

Currently it’s only designed to fix the random placement of vanilla, it doesn’t add any extra /spawn commands, or returns people to the spawn every login.

Nice plugin but will you add the function to return people to the spawn on every login?
That would be nice :smiley:

Why do you need that? Wouldn’t players get annoyed at not being where they were when they logged out? Or is that kind of the point? Or do you only want it to do that in certain worlds like a lobby world?

I’d think it’d be for hub worlds.

I want them to join at the Server lobby and then they join in a game or warp to the farmworld. And I use different worlds for the different things.
And sry for my bad english

The way most people do this is by running multiple servers. Otherwise you need to worry about separating your plugins by world and making sure they never apply to other worlds on the server.

So when they log out of farmworld, they need to appear in lobby? then when they travel to farmworld, it needs to remember where they last left from, and teleport them back there? What about sleeping in beds? Should the bed spawns be remembered per world as well?

I suspect what you need is a lot more complex then making them appear at spawn every login, but I am happy to make it if it’s what you really want.

If what you need is an advanced multiworld plugin, I’m sorry but you will need another plugin, I’m not willing to write or support that.

I just need them appear at spawn every Login

I’ve done this, I just need to find the thread.

Edit: it was deleted when Ore-staging was reset.

@DommiHD I know this is really late, but I’ve reposted it from the Ore thread that got deleted.

I’ve also bumped the version number to 1.0.0 as it seems to be stable and working.