Ryantheleach Plugins

Creating a page to better manage the multiple plugins I have. hopefully this will make it easier to keep them up to date when Sponge updates as I have a single resource to look at to see the status of them.

If you have enjoyed any of my plugins and wish to help me, you can

  • use my uber eats code eats-ryanl24699ue to get $10 off your first order and my next order.

  • Or buy me a beer/coffee/pizza/IntellijUltimate on paypal.


:white_check_mark:DisableSkeletonHorse - Working on 5.0.0

:white_check_mark:EasyPrefix - Working on 5.0.0

:white_check_mark:TranslateWithBing - Working on 4.1

:white_check_mark:EasySpawn - No changes needed for 5.0.0

:white_check_mark:TeleportOnLogout - working on 5.0.0

:white_check_mark:ChatClear - working on 5.0.0

BetterHelp - Currently undergoing complete revamp, custom topic control, redacting topics, adding permissions.

:negative_squared_cross_mark:CreeperMend - Currently in Alpha needs revisiting now some fixes have been incorporated into Sponge4.2.x
May abandon, considering ModWizCode’s Creepair & ForgeCreeperHeal https://mods.curse.com/mc-mods/minecraft/233077-forge-creeper-heal

:negative_squared_cross_mark:FlardShack - Indefinite Hiatus unless someone particularly wants a specific feature updated.

DiscWorldWorldGen - Stuck on a flood-filling algorithm to bias biomes based on climate.
CombatNPC - Very Early Prototyping.
MemoryStones - re-evaluating use of Scala…
MultiBlockLib - re-evaluating use of Scala…
TeamChat - Restrict teams based on Scoreboards.
CCPerms - CascadingContextualPermissions - Conceptual, probably won’t be implemented until everything else.

###Personal Plugins

HoeHarvest - still experimental, unreleased.
SuperHardcoreReminder - Personal Project for UHC SSP
:negative_squared_cross_mark:LiquidObsidian - Long-Term Hiatus, - boring…
:negative_squared_cross_mark:EventSpy - No demand / too messy. Permanent Hiatus.

####Commissioned Plugins


Are the commissioned plugins for pixelmon?

They were, yes.

How do I get the permission nodes for the plugin DisableSkeletonHorse the Ore link that it gives is dead. When I try and do the command /gamerule removeSkeletalHorse true it says I don’t have the permission for this so I need to know what the permission node is.

There is no permission for DisableSkeletonHorse, it uses the default minecraft gamerules command.