it "works" but be aware that the plugin is unfinished. some features are not completed, and some might change in near future.


I will watch this topic :slight_smile:


fFirst of all, thanks for the very interesting plugin. I would like to know if it would have the files (addons, classes, guild etc ...) to download already everything ready prepared basically?

Thank you in advance.


I will provide a set of skills, currently there is few examples https://github.com/NeumimTo/NT-RPG/tree/master/Skills/src/main/java/cz/neumimto/skills
+a few more skills you can find in the examples.js file but those are morelike just only examples on how to script skills in javascript

Once i finish version 1.0.6 i will focus on skills and the web gui. If you would like to see some specific skill/enchatnment, feel free to create an issue on the github.

As of classes/races/skilltrees i will provide only very basic examples on the wiki page. The plugin is flexible enough so you can create unique gameplay for your server. If i create this configuration i bet almost everyone would use it, and in result this plugin would turn into another mcmmo - no matter which server you join the gameplay is always same.

The version 1.0.6 will be a major release, once its completed ill post it here. Currently im testing stuff and fixing bugs.


ok thanks i have a question, There is a way for us to discuss privately?


just write me a pm.
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Can I share this nice plugin to the MCBBS?
This is the biggest forum in CHina.
And can you write a passage to tell us how to create the job?
As far as I know,this plugin will collide with UltimateChat.
That means switch the char and it can caused the server shout down.
How can i solve this problem?
Thank U for your checking!