Enquiry [v1.2] - Search to your heart's content!

Enquiry Build Status

A simple plugin that allows you to search the web within Minecraft. It is licensed under the MIT License.


As of late my time has been rather limited due to taking a position where I work. With that in mind I am curious to see what people want to see next for Enquiry.

  • More search engines
  • Simplify configuration
  • Multi-page results
  • Improved performance
  • Other (specify via posting)

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  • Ability to search Bing
  • Ability to search Google
  • Ability to search DuckDuckGo
  • Click results and open them in the default web browser
  • Add search engines through an API
  • Specify aliases through the configuration file
  • Fires events to allow other plugins to listen, modify and cancel results
  • Send search results to another player


Note: If you do not have Gradle installed then use ./gradlew for Unix systems or Git Bash and gradlew.bat for Windows systems in place of any gradle command.

To build Enquiry, simply run gradle. The compiled jar is located in ./libs/.


Ingenious! This will come in handy in so many ways.


Well now that we technically have google for minecraft, we now need twitter for minecraft too! xD


gears in head whirr @Exstar @WetSponge COME HERE!

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As an English person, Inquiry just feels horribly wrong. Any chance of adding /enquiry as an alias for the command as well?


What’s up @ButterDev ?

I agree with @mumfrey

So this only searches Google? Will there be future support for other search engines, maybe an API?

@ButterDev I’m here

That would be a great marketing tool for server owners.


@Grinch wants to add Bing and adding an API could be pretty cool (it already throws Events you can listen to can cancel/change output).


I’ll have @Grinch do so.

@mumfrey I think I’ll actually change the name to ‘Enquiry’ as based on what I’ve read it is the more proper of the two based on what the plugin does.

@WetSponge I have plans to support other engines such as Bing, DuckDuckGo and potentially Wolfram Alpha. I also will probably try to drop the dependency on Google’s Java API for CustomSearch and directly use GET and POST requests as needed to drop the plugin size. Though this is all planned stuff right now.

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This looks pretty kick-ass haha, great work

I’ve updated the plugin as well as added some functionality to it. It now supports Bing and has an API for example. As per @mumfrey’s request it is also now called ‘Enquiry’. :slight_smile:

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I cant figure out how to config this thing. Ive tried creating a new project in the Google Dev console and generated both a browser and a server API key. Ive tried both yet running the command /enquiry google test returns “an error occurred while attempting to search google for test” with no console output to tell me what the error was. Im guessing its just me being a newb at the Google API stuff.

Make sure you’ve enabled Custom Search API in your Developer console.

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Ive enabled the Custom Search API, still no dice. Tried both Browser and Server keys again. Also I dont have any whitelisting. The keys allow from anyone

You’re going to want to use the server key for ‘api-key’ and the search engine ID from cse.google.com/cse/manage/all for ‘search-id’. I plan to update the documentation for this a bit as Google didn’t exactly make it simple.

Okay, so we have to define a custom site to search? How do I just get google results and not define something specific? Putting in custom search engine worked, tried to set it to www.google.com and it returned no results for test.

Google hid this, simply remove all URL’s added to the custom search engine but make it ‘Search the entire web but emphasize included sites’.

I’ll probably just add Wiki documentation to the repo as adding comments to show how to do all this would clutter the configuration file. Let me know if you run into anymore issues. :slight_smile:


That worked! Sweet, I think this will be a powerful tool. Cant wait to show it off!