Enquiry [v1.2] - Search to your heart's content!

Thanks! Do remember though that you are restricted to Google’s search quota which for the free custom search engine is 100 searches a day. Bing offers 5000/month for free.

New update to 1.1. Note that this will wipe 1.0’s configuration and now requires Java 8.


Could I suggest adding Wolfram Alpha? It gives straightforward answers. Dunno if it actually has an API though.
Edit: it has an API.

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Support for Wolfram Alpha is planned. :slight_smile:


What about giving DuckDuckGo some love? :smile:
I dunno if they have a proper API though.

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It has an Instant Answer API I could leverage. Might not be as detailed or accurate as a normal search but I’ll add support later tonight. :slight_smile:

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Is there a way to go to another page or see more content?
Because 10 isn’t that much

At the moment no, there is only ten results displayed. I can add support for more but that will come after Wolfram/DDG support.

Ok, that’s good to know, maybe you could add a next button instead of displaying everything.

The intention was to use Pagination or a form of it.


I’d be super happy if you used @mmonkey’s paginated list library :smiley:

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You didn’t read the post just above yours, right? :stuck_out_tongue:

I like how many plugins use the pagination library.
It’s just pure awesome and beautiful!

Not to discourage anyone from use mmonkey’s paginated list library, but a PaginationService is in the API and has been implemented. I’m currently working on the documentation for it, so expect to see that soon!

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I did read it. He said he’d use “Pagination or a form of it”, so I suggested a specific form :slight_smile:

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Whoops. I misread your comment then. Sorry!

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It sounds sweet, any video how it is used would be nice and probably draw more attention.

Enquiry v1.2 has been released!

I would like to make a small note about Wolfram Alpha support. After much debating I established that it isn’t really feasible (in my opinion) to add as the results it can provide are extremely dynamic and would be hard to represent sanely in a text format. I’m always open to suggestions if someone has an idea on how to sanely handle it feel free to let me know here or on the ticket here.


  • Use Gradle 2.6
  • Remove unnecessary Gradle environment arguments


  • Require PluginContainer instead of Enquiry when creating a search engine
  • Add SearchEngine#getPlugin


  • Add DuckDuckGo support using Instant Answer API
  • Updated to support latest SpongeAPI

I’ve added a poll section to the main post. Those that use my plugin, please give feedback on what you’d like to see next! :smile: