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This plugin allows you to create some simple particle effect. Each effect can be attached to entities with a specified item.

Read the wiki to learn more

You may want install ByteItems for maximal use.

This plugin uses bstats.org which helps me to improve the user experience by collecting anonymous data. You can disable this in config/bstats/config.conf.

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Pixelmon Placeholders Plugin Addons [Completed]

First off, awesome project! I’ve used the particle effects mod for Spigot/Bukkit for a while now, and being able to do effects on my Sponge servers as well is fantastic.

However, when I launch a server with this plugin, I get a bunch of errors in the log with this text:

lateinit property PARTICLE_ID has not been initialized

Here’s an excerpt of some of the output: https://hastebin.com/terusifeba.rb

This is on MC 1.10.2 / Sponge API 5.2, and does have Forge and various other mods & plugins. Let me know if you’d like any more info, or for me to post this to your Github project, etc.

Thanks much!



Yes, I would appreciate when you create an issue at GitHub. Please post the whole server log, and all versions(sponge, forge).


How would you add multiple particle effects?


That’s not possible and would require some big breaking changes to the plugin.


A new version has been released for EntityParticles, it is available for download here.


  • Added tracking of entities with particles to optimize timings by a lot
  • Added support for running the plugin on the client

For devs:

  • Breaking change: The plugin classes in the final fat jar aren’t relocated anymore
  • Now also relocating everything when built by JitPack

Thanks to @Aaron1011 who contributed to this plugin recently!


I am doing a survey: https://goo.gl/forms/kDVqRdMjCWestAY83

Participate to request new features. The next update will also include special support for Pixelmon v7 (they broke the Sponge Data API in that part).


A new version has been released for EntityParticles, it is available for download here.


  • Fixed data on Pokemons