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I am accepting commisions at the moment!


Hello, my name is Eufranio and I’m a Java developer on my free time. I like the SpongeAPI and what it let us do with it, so most of my programming time is for Sponge. I’m also a big fan of Mixins, they’re pretty useful, in the past, I’ve worked for a Minecraft network mainly patching bugs/dupes/mods for server networks so I have a large experience with them.

Public Experience

Most of my projects are private, those (thanks owners) are my public ones:

Past work (1.7.10):

  • MagiHandlers, made for my own server to patch a lot of bugs, dupes, crashes, exploits, etc.
  • MagiPoints, a simple player points system
  • FoxFixer, made for my modpacks to patch client-side bugs and crashes.

Previous Commissions


I mostly charge per project rather than hourly. The price depends of the complexity of the plugin/mod, and what is involved on it’s development (such the use of external APIs, databases, Mixins, etc). The payment is done via PayPal, a half of the total money is sent before I start working and a project, and the other half at the end.


Before taking a project, you have to show me an CLEAR idea of what you want. I usually don’t add new features to a project once I finished it, so you have to state what exactly you want. Also, I will start working on the project only once I received the first payment.
Note: once I started working on a project, I will NOT refund the first payment in case of cancellation. So, before contacting me, be warned.


You can contact me via Discord (my Discord Tag is Eufranio#2487), or via the Sponge Forums, PM and etc.


This post is strictly for advertising purposes. Discussion of specific commissions, or other paid development work is prohibited. Furthermore, commissions are not to be discussed on the forum outside of this category.


Very helpful guy. He carefully analyzing what his clients are looking for in a plugin and takes every extra step possible if necessary to make the plugin work both perfectly as agreed upon and as efficiently as possible so there’s no risk of one of his plugins causing server crashes. Even after his work was done, he was extremely helpful with technical support when there were questions. Definitely a 11/10.

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Fixed a pretty complex async issue, made sure everything went smoothly. Thanks a bunch, will hire again

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Created a great plugin, (I will put up the link to the release here), quickly and exactly as agreed upon. Worked though all the bugs to make sure everything worked perfectly without any bugs and was a pleasure to do with business with. Would hire again for any future Sponge plugin needs.

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hey i would like to aks you about a couple plugins if that is possible.
add me on discord: Foxionos#3459

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Really fast and efficient dev, would highly recommend for any sizes of projects.

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He was great to work with, made a fairly complex plugin for me for our PixelBuilt server. The work was completed quickly, and he was willing to make adjustments to the design after we were able to try it out, in order to patch some of our original design holes. Plugin works great, will definitely hire him for additional work in the future.

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I commissioned Eufranio to port and add a few features to one of my plugins, and I could not be happier with the result, was professional, friendly and fast. Will definitely be hiring him again for the next port!

Thank you very much,



Dude is awesome! Made me a nice plugin and solved some bug/issues quickly. Recommended.

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Good dev for small projects

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Good professional developer who works on projects who delivers on your request flawlessly. Would recommend to others.

Definitely recommend Eufranio! Inquired about a plugin, was affordable and done in a timely manner!

Got a custom plugin done from Eufranio, and I certainly wasn’t disappointed. Very professional about the whole thing and even let me test before finishing my payment. If I need future custom plugins, I’ll probably get them here hands down. 10/10 would buy again.

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Eufranio helped me with changing an existing plugin to suit what I needed for the server. Overall, I am really happy with the final product and would definitely use his services again If I need to. Thanks 10/10