EULA discussion (continued from other thread)

you know, Someone said to me its Against the EULA if higher ranks have an advantage about money?

Only with real money.

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Ranks, Ranks wich should have acces to more functions like he stated in the op post: Acces to more tickets, Means the users who wants to have acces to more tickets have to pay for the rank wich makes it Money for ingame Money,

The post where i did receive that info i posted above was also only about ranks being able to commands wich regular members arnt wich is the same as what he posted right here.

Gamble Plugins - #7 by pie_flavor i state it there Gamble for ingame Money ranks wich could have acces to more commands wich makes it an advantage above other (regular) members wich means its Agains the EULA dont belive? read the topic i did send in this reply

You are against the EULA only if a player can pay something with real money to get an advantage in the game. A player can pay anything in the game with in-game money and there is no problem.

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You can:

  • Charge for access to your server / server network, but only if one charge covers the whole thing
  • Ask for pure-and-simple donations
  • Allow purchasing of cosmetics
  • Allow purchasing of noncosmetic perks if everyone on the server gets the same thing at the same time in the same way (for instance, Hypixel’s coin boosters)
  • Charge for perks with in-game currency as long as the currency isn’t purchasable with real money (and charge for in-game currency with real money as long as the currency can only be used to buy cosmetics or server-wide perks)

Have a read here for more details.


well thats what i said here commands arnt counted as cosmetics so what he is requesting is also against the EULA

where did you read that the ranks wich gain acces to more tickets will be bought with ingame currency? he didnt state it anywhere did he?

What he said. He doesn’t say anything about in-game currency, and it’s against the EULA anyway since being able to buy more tickets is definitely non-cosmetic.

:wink: u gotta read the op topic carefully ^^ if he stated ingame currency in the op post then it wouldnt be breaking the EULA but since he didnt state anything about any currency it is

You are assuming Gerson is doing something malicious.

Why is everyone assuming the default that pay for money = better rank? Gershon did not mention whether it was for donors, or whether it was for shop owners or the gamblers guild or whatever.

It was not the norm for years, then suddenly the shitty exploitative servers appeared and suddenly everyone is paranoid.

Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty?

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So ticket prices; any amount we want

Is there any way to not have some of the lotteries go to the server, and all of it go to the player, cuz I mean the server doesn’t need extra cash :stuck_out_tongue:

To anyone saying stuff about the EULA: The server I used to Play on Censored Name Insert ( I put this here)

Almost ran into trouble about the EULA. However, a solution was found quite easily.

You See, EULA states that you cant provide in-game items that benefit a player from donating ( Ex: I cant give a rank SHARP 10 SWORD ;D) However, this only works IF the server takes the money for there own Benefit ( Ex: Owner Profits, Money in his bank for PERSONAL use). However, if the money is used to keep the server open (Hosting, whatever) then it is fine, and it will not breach the contract. We solved this over a course of a couple months, if you would like a direct link to the topic on the old forums where it was discussed, feel free to send me a pm on here, or ask @Lemonous as he is the owner of the ced server.

ty sm


However, this only works IF the server takes the money for there own Benefit ( Ex: Owner Profits, Money in his bank for PERSONAL use).

That doesn’t sound accurate. Do you have a source or someone with legal experience that agrees with this?

Is there any way to not have some of the lotteries go to the server, and all of it go to the player, cuz I mean the server doesn’t need extra cash :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s not that the server needs in game cash, it’s that the server should provide a means of gaining ingame cash, players starting with a default amount / jobs, but if you have no cash flowing out of the economy, you end up with inflation that can zone new players out of the game. It’s one of the basics of multiplayer game design. So providing lotteries, warps, or other economy sinks, you provide a mechanism for dealing with inflation, so the player vs player economy doesn’t get out of hand.

That said, it can definitely be configurable, people will want to be able to adjust the range of tax taken anyway.

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If you pm me, I’ll gladly share skypes of people who can confirm this. I can also link you the post

Thanks for the anwser

@Gershon man if you could clarify your standpoint here that’d be fantastic

This is from the official EULA, not heard thirdhand from people who definitely have a conflict of interest.

Therefore, if you comply with and follow the Brand and Asset Usage Guidelines and Naming Guidelines above YOU MAY:

  • charge for access to your server, including a server which hosts your Mods, BUT only if:
  • you make a single charge per person that is the same for everyone;
  • you give everyone you charge, access to all the Mods that you choose to have on your server (except only in respect of genuine admin tools / admin Mods which should be reserved to administrators);
  • you only give access to your server to users who have a genuine paid for version of Minecraft;
  • you own or control the server and continue to do so for the whole time that you charge for access to it - so, if you sell the actual servers or server space with Mods pre-installed on them, you must ensure that the person buying the server is aware that she must follow these rules. Essentially you can’t get round the rules above by setting up servers with Mods on and then selling those set-ups; and
  • overall your access charges should be targeted to cover your operational costs of running the server.
  • ask for donations (as opposed to direct charges) IF you do not offer the individual donor something in exchange that only he or she can use. You may offer server wide rewards if donation goals are achieved though.
  • sell cosmetic items, except for “Capes”, IF the item sold does not give a user an unfair gameplay advantage over anyone else on the server - i.e there can be no “pay to win”.
  • sell positive effects or enhancements (other than “Capes”) IF everyone on the server is positively affected in exactly the same way.
  • provide in-game advertising opportunities, sponsorships, or product placement for 3rd parties IF they don’t degrade or interfere with gameplay or give a user an unfair gameplay advantage over anyone else on the server.
  • use in-game currencies IF (i) they are “soft currencies” i.e. a currency earned or expended only through gameplay that has no real world value and that cannot be cashed out, used or transferred across free or paid servers, or converted into “credits”; and (ii) you don’t give the impression that it comes from or is associated with Mojang.

Next time, consult the official document.

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considering I already have

I will go ahead and post this from the forums Im on, posted by the official server admin (former) and head of law

'Mojang put these rules in place for profit making server companies only, We do not fall under that jurisdiction at all, This was brought up a long time ago. Mojang can’t touch our money because we have none, it goes directly into our server Paypal and pays the appropriate companies,

lets look at exactly what a lawsuit is

A lawsuit or (very rarely) “suit in law” is a civil action brought in a court of law in which a plaintiff, a party who claims to have incurred loss as a result of a defendant’s actions, demands a legal or equitable remedy. The defendant is required to respond to the plaintiff’s complaint.

We in no way are creating a loss towards Mojang. If however we all took a percentage cut of the donations for wages, then we would be profiting from Mojang, using Mojang’s property. Which is illegal to begin with

So once again, I’ve dealt with this for us, Mojang can not legally touch us and I have the evidence to prove it ’

-Lougio, wise man, good friend

This is what i was talking about

You feel like an idiot, dontya

Sorry to gloat, but its so fun ;3

Hate to break it to you, but I will now refute each point in turn.
The EULA doesn’t care whether you’re for-profit or not, this is why all the medium-size servers were so pissed about this. Nowhere in the EULA does it say anything about whether you profit off the transactions, only whether they are made.

You are correct in saying that rules were put in place a long time ago, and in fact the rules were very vague and not enforced at all. Mojang revised them as of 1.7, which is why you have to edit eula.txt every time you make a new server.

Thank you for your fine definition of a lawsuit, but that mostly defines civil cases where you had not entered into any agreement. However, again, you accept the EULA (manually) every time you create a new server. Regardless of personal loss or gain, you can file a lawsuit against someone for breach of contract, no matter what the breach caused (or didn’t).

Obviously the head of law at the server potentially at fault has something to cover their asses, BS or no. It’s called a conflict of interest. This is why you should not just listen to them without listening to someone on the outside as well.

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I believe @pie_flavor is correct. Regardless of what any server admin may have told you, the EULA itself is what governs the legality of what takes place on a server.

As it stands currently, selling non-cosmetic items is not allowed, regardless of what the money received by the server is ultimately used for. Any changes to this policy will be reflected through the EULA. I would strongly caution against following advice which appears to contradict a straightforward reading of the official published EULA, as it most likely violates it.


I get this, however, the hard facts are, no one is going to pay 5 dollars for a silly hat or a cape.
My server was aware of this, and in fact, we were quite pissed. This is a direct quote from a good friend @Lemonous, actually one of the owners of the server.

'We’re aware of this. However, as things stand now, we will not be able to make enough to keep the server alive on goodwill donations alone. The hard facts are, on our server there aren’t enough people who want to give us money for nothing in return, and nobody wants to pay $5 for fireworks or a hat. When the announcement was made, we asked all our players whether they would, and nearly nobody did. We’re actively looking for ways to remedy this but haven’t found a satisfactory solution yet. Until we do, we have elected to follow the way that allows the server to stay alive.

Mojang, if you’re reading this, rest assured that we make no money off this. All donations to the server go towards financing the server and forums, and whatever’s left on top of that is saved for rainy days.’

Also, as long as the items we give away are obtainable in-game, then it’s fine. As long as the players do not have access to game-changing effects that can affect the server as a whole (Example: Ability to Change Day/time for everyone. Changing weather, etc…)

And for the most part, at least I do this, Donators share their perks with other players. Someone needs me to fly up to the top of the their house to place a block? No problem, I’m on it. Need your tools fixed? I gotcha.

And in any event, we are not physically making money from this, these are in fact donations, and a player does not need to donate. All items are obtainable in game, from a very early start and some work and effort.

Once again, that is all.


You are thinking about this wrong. People pay to support the server and prevent it shutting down. In addition people absolutely will pay for cosmetics. see knifes in CSGO and hats in TF2.

Which is fine, but you are absolutely violating the EULA, that’s on your heads & moral responsibility.

Have some mind for the game design aspect of your perks, and what it’s doing to the game. What stops them from flying all the damned time? Why not instead introduce a jet pack that allows them to fly in exchange for fuel.

It stopped being a donation as soon as you were selling perks. Tax laws included.

@Aaron1011 Do you think this thread should be split? it’s been quite derailed and I’m scared that @gershon has been scared away.