Factions Raiding Addon

drtshock seems to be currently working to port Factions over to sponge. A while ago while running a factions server I noticed 2 main problems:

  1. Factions hide to prevent players from raiding
  2. If you use Obby Destruct plugins it enables factions to wait for you to go offline then tnt into your base.

Its really a conundrum! There must be a balance between feeling protected, and feeling like building a base is useless because you wont be able to defend against tnt cannons. So I came up with an idea to really spice up the action.

View the code and contribute on GitHub

Here are the features:

  • Factions have the /challenge command allowing them to challenge a claimed area

  • When the challenge is issued a “flag” (wool and fence) is spawned similar to a worldedit

  • Once the challenge is issued power begins to drain from the defending faction

  • To end the challenge the defending faction has to kill the challenger, force him 3 chunks away from his flag, or destroy the flag

  • The challenge has to be issued in a wilderness chunk adjacent to the defending factions claimed land

  • To prevent people from building a box around the flag, as soon as /challenge is issued, the chunk becomes protected except the flag. Also the flag should be generated at the highest level at random to prevent building a box where it will spawn.

  • The challenging player (who issued the command) if killed losses an instant 20 power to encourage retaliation

  • A suitable balance of how many players have to be online in order for you to challenge them to prevent large factions from bullying i.e. if My faction has 10 people total and I want to challenge your faction, you would have to have 5 people ONLINE for me to challenge. Also prevents me from logging my guys out until I challenge you. Preventing the defending faction from logging guys out to avoid a raid is something I havent figured out yet.

  • A system of laying claim to inactive factions. Lets say a large faction rage quit or just goes inactive I can issue a command to put a claim on their chunk and they have a set time (maybe a day or two) to log in and stop it. This also sets up a king of the hill situation. If my guys know they are inactive, and my enemies do to, then we would fight to claim inactive bases!

  • A better system of tracking peoples bases. Maybe like a “ping” that could cost currency or some other system of locating factions

All in all I have the source code for an addon that uses factions 1.6 and has all of the features except the inactive faction claims and the ping system. If you are interested lemme know and I will release the source to you!


Looking forward to seeing the work on this. Sounds awesome, interesting, and a good way to, as you said, spice up the action.

Post the GitHub ASAP. I’m waiting for see the code and maybe contribute. :smile:

I dont have a github, I dont code. I had originally paid a coder to write it. I own the code but anyone can have it just pm me and I will send you a copy :smiley:

Why not post it on GitHub, and then just assign developers who can push and accept PRs?

I dont know anything about setting that up. If you want to tho, or if youd like to help me do it Id be more than willing

I don’t have the time to manage the project myself. Go ahead and PM me your Skype and I can walk you through it. :smile:

EDIT: Just a note, the GitHub link is now in the OP. :smile:


What if you saved the amount of online players from that faction every 10 minutes or so, then used the average amount of members logged in for the last hour to determine whether or not you could challenge? That would prevent both instant doom upon logging in in the morning, for example, as well as everyone logging out to prevent an attack :slight_smile:


I kinda get what your saying. Thats def a different approach. But would that make for a lot of checks? Again Im not a coder lol

Not particularly. You could just set a task that runs every 10 minutes, querying all online players, and which factions they’re in. I definitely like the idea @Lemonous provides though.

I am open to any and all ideas. And it does make sense. As well the Factions plugin saves factions to the “faction board” (json file) in intervals. Could probably tell it to save the extra data, but would that mean changing the actual factions plugin? Would it be better to just have a separate “board” so to speak?

If you wanted to make it on your own plugin, without changing the factions youd have to schedule your own task (which is relatively easy). And you could save the data however you like as long as you can read from it. Completely separate from the factions plugin (if you wanted).

I was working on a mod almost the same, Master Claim Block is made, and placed in your base, It has a power level of say 10,000.
Each minecraft day it creates 64 extension blocks.
These blocks can be compressed like the extra utilities Cobblestone. up to 10 x compressed.
You can place extension blocks in the same or an adjacent chunk to “claim” it.

If someone else has claimed the adjacent chunk you can only place and remove your extension blocks until you have more power in that chunk than the other person then you can destroy (not pick up) their claim blocks and claim the chunk for yourself.

(and then of course you can modify the terrain if you own the chunk, and they will be denied access except for placing their own extension blocks.

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Anything that removes the stagnation of the Factions system. Maybe you’d be interested in working with @Orc on his Infected Factions project?

I don’t like the idea there, I prefer a more strategic approach (hence the Risk like functionality of mine)

I mean what if someone was able to “infect” Spawn? there are too many similarities with @Orc s view that are close to the way Taint spreads in thaumcraft…

Hey man I know this was awhile ago but do youstill have or know anything like this? Its an amazing idea

Unfortunately no. Heck we still dont have plain ole factions over here yet.