Infected Factions

Hello amazing people!

I am orc and it has been a while since I have been surfing in these forums :smiley: but I am here today to announce my plans ;).

My good friend LordLambda allowed me to work on a project he abandoned long ago before Bukkit died. I am not a brilliant developer especially not at the level of LordLambda but I think I can make this work. Now anyways with the project. Currently I have decided to name the project Infected Factions which is what LordLambda called it, but I don’t really like the name. Later on I will think of a nice and suiting name.

Now you may be wondering what is Infected Factions?

Well it is just like normal factions… :stuck_out_tongue: just kidding ;). In Infected Factions the premise is you and your faction. You will have to war out with other factions and slowly infect them and take over their territory. But it will not be that easy to just take over the faction. If it was the game mode would be pretty shitty wouldn’t it? No one would play it :confused:

What it would include:

  • A cleaner and simpler factions system
  • Turf wars
  • Maybe quests and achievements
  • Modular core ( mainly so that server owners can add their own quests and achievements )
  • Many other stuff that I will have to figure out later.

Thank you for taking your time out to read about the plugin I will develop :smiley:


Currently sounds just like factions (dkm) xD

Not that competing Factions plugins would be a bad idea, but for the sake of understanding the “just kidding” part of your post, could you tell us how Infect Factions is different from ‘normal’ Factions?

Sweeeeeet this makes me very excited! I actually have a Plugin Request Topic and some old bukkit code that you are more than free to use if you can salvage anything from it!

Sweet, read over your plugin request, its really cool!


Well basically, players can create their own factions (obviously) and the faction has levels which they can level up by doing quests, achievements, turf wars etc. With their levels they have more power and they are able to take over other factions and merge or destroy them.

Note: this idea is hugely a work in progress so a lot of things will be changed as I go along.

Please let me know if someone makes a server of this. Thanks!

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As soon as it releases I will install it on the test server


Cool so its like the idea of your Faction being your team is given more meaning. There are no neutral or ally factions just enemies. Like an OP Factions type thing. Looking forward to this

Also looking forward to this :smiley: Let me know if you continue working on it and i’ll get a server up for it

If this is released in time, I will be happy to test it on my Aether server as soon as a sponge compatible version of aethermod is released.