FeatherChat v1.1

FeatherChat is a featureful chat plugin that supports formatting most chat-related actions and splitting chat into multiple channels. A very early version of this plugin was demonstrated on State of Sponge. Documentation is available on the GitHub wiki.

Download v1.1



FeatherChat in action


  • Mustache templates to format chat messages, player names, and emotes
  • Tokens for prefix and suffix, world, unformatted player name
  • Muting other players (/mute and /unmute commands)
  • In-game editing of format specifications (with the /chat edit command)
  • Allows styling format objects using XML syntax
  • Chat Channels
  • Permissions to control use of formatting
  • Regex-controlled chat filter

Planned features

  • Ignore a specific player (they can still talk, but you don’t hear what they say)
  • Simple markdown-style formatting for players (for bold, italics, links, etc)

No releases, moved to Plugin Development.

Will you please stop? The code is usable, as stated in the OP, it was used in the latest SOS. Moved back to Plugin Releases. There may not be a download available, but it’s stable, which is the point of this forum.


@FerusGrim I disagree with how ButterDev is sorting things too, but imo the categories are a bit inadequate. I’ve asked @Owexz to create a new WIP Plugins category, which is for plugins that are in development but not at a point where the developer feels that it is time for an actual release (minimal features for example), which I believe is more appropriate for a lot of plugins and keeps them from getting lost in all the plugin development questions.


A WIP section might be nice. x3

Moved to WIP Plugins. :smiley:

Thanks for moving!

Awesome. I luv mustaches!

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Hello, new old friend FeatherChat.
I like that name! :slight_smile:

Version 1.0 has been released! Still some rough edges around the editing interface – I’m trying to work out a better solution than ingame text, but everything important should be working!


Can you give me an example of the prefix adding command to a group and to a person.

To set a prefix on a group:

/pex group <group> opt prefix <prefix>

To set a prefix on a user:

/pex user <user> opt prefix <prefix>

In either case, quote the prefix if it contains spaces. Additionally, the prefix should be valid XML.

Hey, I have errors just from typing ingame. Everything loads up good but when i type i get a small wall of text.

SS: http://imgur.com/a/5vQUN

Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/WZnJMg8F

Yes I am getting that too I think were doing something wrong with the premissons.

I simply copied old ones i made years ago.
Heres a pastebin of them. I used the autoconverter by editing the name in permissionsex.conf

Permissions: http://pastebin.com/t9MxyMHv

I think some of the stuff like where you get prems from lower groups is not in this yet because he had to start over. But I wasn’t using that so I don’t think that would be it.

Oh whoops! That’s an issue with the handling of converting legacy color codes. I’d recommend you switch to using XML formatting for name coloring. For your configuration, you’d set the prefix using a command similar to:

/pex group Admin prefix "<c n='gray'>| <c n='green'>Admin</c> |</c>"

Color names are as specified under “Technical Name” on http://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Formatting_codes#Color_codes

You mean

/pex group Admin option prefix "<c n='gray'>| <c n='green'>Admin</c> |</c>"
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yep :slight_smile: I keep on forgetting that part

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Is there a way to chat in color?? Also PEX doesn’t work on the Sponge they just released…