FlardsPoetry - Flards Poetry is a sponge plugin that celebrates Inscrutable the Flard's amazing poetry in Minecraft

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Flards Poetry broadcasts Inscrutable’s poetry, which is located here.

Note at release there is only one poem available. However more poems will be added into the database over time. You don’t have to update the plugin when new poems are added as the poems are not included as part of the downloaded jar and the server will fetch new poems everytime it is booted or whenever /flardspoetry reload is run, provided that the database is updated.

So get ready to listen to legends that Inscrutable the Flard spins. :slight_smile:

All credit for the poetry goes to Inscrutable. Thanks a bunch for the awesome poetry.



I really think you missed a golden opportunity here by not naming this FlardBard.



I was talking about my plugin for 2 days on irc and you mention it now?

A tiny bugfix will released soon related to a scheduler bug when reloading.

Edit: released

I must say i underestimated the amount of effort that needs to go into the poems… my current estimate is 2-3 poems a day. Lets see if @Inscrutable decides that he needs to add more and more poems to mess me up :stuck_out_tongue:

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