Forge 1.18 Crashing From Spongepowered with any mod installed

Good afternoon! Made a custom modpack and spongemixins seems to be crashing my server everytime, I’ve added and removed every mod one by one, it crashes with every single mod I try to have in it. It will run vanilla, but as soon as I add a mod, it gave me an error


I don’t even know what sponge is so sorry if this is the wrong place to post this, I’ve read other forum posts about similiar issues but this happens with every mod, I only have create installed in this log. I really have no idea how to fix this, and it seems highly unlikely that all 200+ mods I’ve tried one by one are the issue rather than the plugin itself. This is a fresh forge server install.

edit: pls help I am very stupid

Sponge allows the ability to run sponge plugins on a server.

The sponge team created something called Mixins which allows any mod to hook directly into minecraft. Sadly not all mods like Mixins being present, sometimes the mod developer creates a bug when using mixins and a few other reasons that may cause a mixin crash.

This is more common and has caused a lot of forum posts where server admins come to us asking for a solution (thank you for not blaming sponge as its not sponge’s fault)

Because its so common ive created a program known as Mixin Detector which detects all mods that have mixins. This will cut down your 200+ mods down. It also has a filter option. If you filter by file and then provide create.mixins.json (the file that keeps showing in your log that you provided). This should show you what mod is causing you an issue.

From there you can ask the mod developer(s) for help, just remove it or something else.

Hope that helps

thanks for the reply! I think I’m a little confused still, as all mods that are using mixins are causing a crash, even if it’s the only mod in the folder. Am I not allowed to use mods with mixins in servers in general, and are mixins easily removable? Thanks again!

Some mods need to use mixins, and pack their own. This can be a problem if several different mixin versions are used. If you’re getting mixin conflicts, it’s either arguing with another mod using mixins, or incompatible with the Forge (or java) version you’re using.

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