ForgeGuard | A world protection mod - build with sponge API

This is a mod created for all that people who want to setup a minecraft server with the new server platform Sponge.

This mod is a only server mod and runs with simple commands, all the commands are the same as the worldguard plugin for bukkit/spigot.

This mod will start form the version 1.10.2 and will not have any downgrade, sorry!

The official server of the mod is HitcUniverse MMORPG Servers and it’s teamspeak3 server is

You can find all the info and the download to the mod here:

I will not public the download here becouse this is actually a mod and not a plugin.

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I, uh, don’t necessarily understand the point of this.

The point of this is that I haven’t find a good plugin or mod for sponge and forge (1.10.2) for the world protection, so I decided to create one.
This is the point.

Im sorry when I post that in the wrong section, but I am new on sponge

Well, I mean, foxguard is pretty good…

I don’t think so, I try it and it givs me a lot of errors, now I try it 1 month ago, maybe now it was updated, but when I try it, it doesen’t work well

It helps if you know how to use it. @gravityfox

Plus, this has like a million less features and possibilities compared to FoxGuard.

There are PLENTY of people who find FoxGuard to work well. There’s just a steep learning curve. If you got a bunch of errors, you were probably using a build for the wrong API version.

I literally don’t see the point of doing things this way. Why would you make a MOD, which ONLY works on forge, instead of a PLUGIN, which works on SpongeForge AND SpongeVanilla…

I’m not going to make comparisons between my own plugin and this mod; I’ll leave that to the users. However your lack of source code bothers me, and while it is technically not against the rules (I think), it is kinda against the spirit of Sponge.

That’s just my two cents.

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You are right about many things you say, but I think that making a mod instead of a plugin can be usefull for only modded servers too.
I make this mod becouse 1 month ago I try to use your plugin and I recive many errors, I used the last version of spongeforge, so I think it wasn’t my problem, but I see you have make many updates and a new explain video too.
Now, I tryd your plugin again 10 minutes ago, and it works:grin: but afterall I will continue my project.
I think I must say sorry that I haven’t tryd again your plugin before creating my own. @gravityfox

Well, I’m sure it was probably how you had FoxGuard set up, not the plugin itself, but.

No, really, when I tryd to create a region I got a java error but now with the new version no, I don’t Know

Still possibly your configuration

It was the default conf

multiple things could’ve gone wrong.

Im sorry but when at that time the plugin was instable it’s not my fault

There’s probably like a hundred servers that use FoxGuard, and yet it’s only two people I’ve ever seen, and probably one more I haven’t, who have claimed FoxGuard crashes upon startup.

Regardless, my two cents on the Forge/Sponge thing: It doesn’t help modded servers, since, being constructed with the Sponge API, it still requires Sponge to be installed. Unless it truly needs to be hooked into Forge internals, using both Forge and Sponge is an unnecessary restriction.

And there is also RedProtect. I’m not sure where you got the idea that there aren’t any world protection plugins yet.


First the mod will work with mod permission managers too and second redprotect have (for me) a lot of problems, when you set a flag it seems like you haven’t, now I don’t now if only I have this problems.
Whne yes, im sorry, I made a lot of tests but nothing.
I will continue with my project and when you think it’s necessary or not I don’t care.

And as last thong I can say that FoxGuard is not very intutive and simple to use for new users who come from spigot.
Reprotect was a great think but with that bugs I can’t open a server with out riscks, sorry.

I think it’s awesome that you’ve created a new Protection Mod using Sponge. Reproducing the functionality of WorldGuard, with a similar command system, would help a lot of Bukkit server owners transition to using Sponge - particularly if it allowed them to import their configuration files. I hope it works to spec.

FoxGuard is a different beast - it’s more flexible, and very different to set up, even if the end result is much the same. I’m disappointed you weren’t able to make it work properly for yourself, or report the issues you had sensibly, but it’s your prerogative. However, it may take some time to catch up with it’s functionality (as the major competitor).

Caveats: I agree with gravityfox, providing source is a friendlier way to develop. Developing and maintaining a mod like this can be a lot of work. Making it as a mod is going to limit your audience, and it may not be necessary.


Plus, personally I view any developer who refuses to share the source of a public plugin with the public somewhag negatively.

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I like worldguard. Easy to use. Foxguard not support something in spongeforge.

I never said that I will not share the source code with the community, I will do it, but at the moment the mod is in alpha and I know how to fix the issues that my mod gives, I only nedd some time, I will share the soruce code once the mod will be in beta state.