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I was wondering if there are going to be Forum mods added to the staff of this community anytime in the near future. The popularity of this community is already apparent, and only has been around for a few days. It brings in people from Bukkit, from Spigot, and from Forge (as well as a few others but those are the big ones), and with all of those people comes a multitude of people.

I just wanted to know if you would give people from the community the opportunity to give back to what appears to be a begining of an amazing project that hopefully will endure as long if not longer than Bukkit did. I know I for one would love to be able to do so, which is why I made this topic.

Hoping this does not come off as too forward,


If the community keeps growing like it is, they will probably need some extra help :smile:


From my understanding this type of software can self moderate to some extent. If you get a high enough trust level from community members you gain extra privileges just like stackexchange and such.


Believe it or not, but there are already some moderators :wink:


I think Blizzard said added to the staff, not if there are any. :wink:

I would love to give back as well. We’ll probably see as the project comes along if more staff are needed or wanted. I’m sure there will be lots of help needed with approving plugins and managing the forums some.

Much agreed @millenium200.

Discourse uses a trust system. As users read more topics and are active (i.e. posting) in the community, they are able to perform more actions which would be considered moderator actions. Think of it like stack overflow trust… because it’s inspired by that system.

That’s because it was made by the same person

There probably will be, but remember with everything being new and all that their main priority (and 44% of the current team) is developing the API and 1.8 version of Sponge. Everything will fall into place soon enough.

That is what I thought, I just thought I would ask it as that is what I was advised to do when I messaged an admin in private :stuck_out_tongue:

Think of it the same way you run your Minecraft server, if you run one. Staff is hired completely on a trust basis, and they usually have to qualify and prove themselves on some way to stick out to you and become brought on as staff. They are usually invited, in private, and brought on board.

That’s how I run my server community and it’s always worked out for the best. We’ve only had one guy turn us down, which is rare, because he said he wanted to have the enjoyment of playing with friends instead of moderating them.

Again, that is what I thought. It does not hurt to ask however, in the off chance that they wanted help at all.

Yup, no worries.

Funny story regarding that. On my server, the way staff/admins run things at least, is that we have a rule that if you ask to be staff that you will lose your chance indefinitely. Now you may consider that rule a bit harsh, but the way we see it is that leaders are chosen, not asking to lead.

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From what it seems they won’t need people to moderate for a while cause we have to remember we all came from a multitude of communities and on these communities they had people moderating so they already have a pool of users to choose from who they know they can trust and have worked with in the past.

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The way discourse works is that you are essentially automatically given more mod-like privileges as you become involved in the community (it’s mostly reading and likes that are counting). If you see something bad, flag it. That is how moderation is supposed to work. When needed, they can look at who’s Leader or Regular and see if they’re right to promote to a moderator. However, this probably won’t be needed anytime soon, the discourse meta forum itself only has a couple mods.


I would like to nominate myself to be a moderator as I plan to come on these forums regularly. I even set my homepage to these forums.

I’ve done moderation before on other forums but those forums aren’t major community’s such as this one is or will be. So maybe a category moderator?

You can consider me any time in the future if need be. I am not forcing to be moderator. I would just love to be known as a moderator and have a job within this community.

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