⚙ UltimateCore - The Best Essentials Plugin! (API 7, MC 1.12)


Thanks a lot, sorry for my ignorance, I found another problem right now, or better maybe a problem, I tryed to change the weather in one of my worlds and it does not change.


Found the problem and fixed it, also fixed in the next update.
For now you can use /rain, which does work.


Thanks a lot, best dev ever!


if I may make a suggestion, could you add the feature to teleport players on login at a specific point?


That was already on my to-do list.
I will give it a higher priority for you.

Would you really want a special point or just the spawn?


Thanks, do you need a italian language template for your plugin?


That would be nice. I recommend waiting a few weeks tho, because the EN_US file is heavily changing between versions, considering I am editing all kinds of stuff. In a few weeks once I got most stuff done, I would really appreciate that.


Ok, when you think the plugin is ready for this contact me simply here on the forum and I will write you an italian and german language file.
(I must do this even for my server, so no problem)


Can you add the /invsee; /hat; /nick; /speed; /broadcast commands, thanks in advance


/invsee Low priority on my list, waiting for Sponge to better support it. Will add it if I have time.
/hat Will be added soon.
/nick The internal code is there. I just need to add the command which will probarly be the next update.
/speed Will be added soon.
/broadcast Will be added soon.


Ok I will wait for it, I noticed another, big, bug with the skins.
When you change world other players can’t see your skin, to see the skin you must disconnect and reconnect in the same world.
Can you fix this?

I tyed to remove your plugin and the problem was gone, so I think this plugin couses the issue


Do you have skype (or discord)? If so could you PM it to me?
Would make it easier discussing issues because there is less delay and so we don’t spam this forum :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes I have, I send you all on PM


Hi there! I just installed your plugins, and I’m having trouble figuring out how to modify the Serverlist. I can’t seem to find any documentation on it.

Thanks for your work!

Edit: I found the config file. Apparently you just have to ask for help and then the answer magically comes to you.


Yeah sorry, the documentation for modules is still heavily WIP. Most of the explanation is in the config files, but I have to organize it better.


I’m having the same problem can you update the core please i need this now.

Also a suggestion, when in vanish you should make it you you cant pick up items.


I am currently changing some stuff so the current builds are really unstable.
I will release a build ASAP when it it stable enough.
Also I added no item pickup to the todo list


A new version has been released for UltimateCore, it is available for download here.

This is an alpha build and far from ready for production server use.
Documentation: https://github.com/Bammerbom/UltimateCore/blob/master/docs/home.md

  • Almost all commands are now using the high level command api
  • Added a vanish config with an option to toggle whether vanished players can pick up items @todays
  • Added uc.chat.color.[COLOR] and uc.chat.style.[STYLE] permissions to use certain colors and styles in chat
  • Added uc.sign.color.[COLOR] and uc.sign.style.[STYLE] permissions to use certain colors and styles on signs
  • Added /clearinventory
  • Added /broadcast
  • Added italian language file
  • Fixed colors in prefixes and suffixes
  • Fixed multiple permissions not working correctly
  • Fixed /gamemode error
  • Fixed being allowed to tabcomplete on commands when you don’t have permissions to do so
  • Fixed multiple messages
  • Fixed /kit command


seems /sponge plugins reload and /ultimatecore reload do not work with making changes to the autobroadcaster.


Fixed in the next update