Getting Started and Some Questions?

Hello everyone, I am new to the Sponge Forums, and am very happy to hear Bukkit has the new revolutionary savior, I and probably thousands more are extremely pleased to hear of this development, and we wish the developers the best of luck. I have been an experienced Minecraft server owner for the past several years now, and am utterly excited about his new API.

Me and my team of server designers are currently working on a new RPG type server, and I would love to know whether I can transfer my files from my old Bukkit servers onto sponge. What I mean by this is simply change my current (working on) project from current Bukkit to Sponge?

Currently I have been trying to learn how to code plugins (Bukkit, “Not Sure Of Name In Sponge”) for my new server. Although I am not really getting anywhere, you guys, being experienced in this sort of thing, I wondered whether you could share some of your tips on how to start to learn how to code my own plugins etc.

I would love to be able to do more of this in the future, and I am 110% pleased with all of the hard work your guys have been putting into this. If you would like any help with anything don’t be afraid to comment on this post or email me. Thanks for all the Hard Work!!!

Thanks a lot,
Daniel Behan

You can keep the world but plugins will need to be remade unless “pore” happens


What about plugin configuration files?
If Sponge goes with a different configuration format will someone make a configuration converter so we don’t have to reconfigure all our plugins?
It shouldn’t be too hard to make.

Tip 1: Read experienced peoples code, using GitHub or JD-Compiler.
If you think you understood a part of the code, try to re-create and experiment with it.
Tip 2: Read through the oracle docs.

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This is a very good idea @MrMysteri0us , do you recommend any code I could take a read of? I code some other languages but have never got round to doing Java, I gave it a go a few months back, but all efforts failed. Thanks for your reply, much appreciated!

Great, @disconsented! I was worried I was building my new RPG server with my team for nothing. At least I can now focus on building it, and then worry about the plugins after. I better get started refreshing and learning some Java! Thanks for your reply!

Just make sure you don’t steal the code…

Well, you might want to read Minecraft-related code… plugins preferably. I can’t really recommend a specific plugin, sorry.

I imagine sponge will still use YAML so once the plugins are ported it will probably still work!

Didn’t @DarkArcana say it was going to use HOCON?

Hello again! Just out of consideration, do any of you guys know how to code? If so, what languages? I know these plugins will be coded in Java, but how long will it take to learn how to code plugins. I am not that worried about how long, I am worried about learning it, and how I would do that?

I looked at some plugin codes and got on quite well, as I know how to code some other languages. But it seems Java is hard to get my head around. Any Tips???

Its a skill you just have to keep practicing at it. I would speculate it would be 10+ hours however this depends extremely on the projects complexity

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And your ability to take in information.

Thanks for the support @disconsented and @DotDash! I’m not quite sure why I can’t seem to learn this language like the others. I have been looking at some Java tutorials, or do you suggest looking at something else? I may as well wait to see when a tutorial for sponge plugins comes out so i can learn them form the start! Should I do this?

Personally when I was teaching myself HTML / CSS / JavaScript / PHP, I found that the tutorials helped a lot. However no amount of reading will do what practice can do. Programming is like any other skill. You have to put in hours of practice to become “good”, and maybe years to become “great”. Some languages can take longer. PHP took me months before I could really understand the syntax. Even after 2 years I struggle sometimes with some fairly basic scripts (Login and contact forums).

Thanks, @cae1136! I know some languages as i have said before, I just want to know how to make custom plugins for my server. You advise and information was great, thanks a lot!

Yeah no problem, I may not develop applications or plugins but it’s great to see somebody take an interest in programming. If you ever branch into web languages and have any questions feel free to ask me.

Glad to see @danielfrogs I am not the only with with java learning issues, although without inteading to I can now read and understand a lot more of java just by trolling around github

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If you guys need any help starting off, message me and definately take a glance at my thread: [Tutorial] How to create a Sponge Plugin - #2 by MrMysteri0us

Thank you all for helping me start to learn Java. I am glad to see Sponge’s Community is stronger than the older Minecraft Server APIs.