GriefPrevention Official Thread [1.10/1.11/1.12] TOWN/WECUI Support


Is there any way to delete all the claims within a certain area? I want to admin claim a large area of land that has some player claims in it but I can't find all the little claims one at a time.


Do you know the progress of making 1.10.2 work with PermissionManager? We would love to use GriefPrevention if/when it is updated!

EDIT: I see PM has been updated and will be trying it soon!


Idk what it is, but this combined with Nucleus is killing my server with Tick errors:

Minecraft::Nucleuscount(4) total(0.89% 0.295s, 1.37% of tick)avg(73.66ms per - 0.69ms/0.01 per tick)
Minecraft::Nucleus (SELF)count(4) total(0.89% 0.293s, 1.36% of tick)avg(73.32ms per - 0.68ms/0.01 per tick)
GriefPrevention::EntityEventHandlercount(6) total(0.00% 0.001s, 0.00% of tick)avg(0.16ms per - 0.00ms/0.01 per tick)

Thats from the timings report, on top of being behind 75 ticks spam in console.


Does GP allow us to set global flag ? Like if I want to disable fire-spread in the whole world, can I make a global claim or anything ?

Edit : @RandomByte gave me the answer, it's within wilderness.


Is anyone having trouble with item frames? I'm able to remove the items from item frames on someone elses claim and when that happens, the item disappears from existence.


Also I cant seem to attack other mods on others claims with a bow, the arrows just bounce back...


I"m not able to place ender crystal on the exit portal at the end to resurrect the ender dragon. the area around the exit portal looks like it protected.


You can read more?


Hello, developer, I have translated your plugin into Chinese. And I hope to introduce your great plugin to China and post it on Could you please give me the permission. Great thanks.


Any updates on the convert for RP to GP?
Kinda want to move over but not have everyone do all their claims over.


Hi! I'm using GP for protecting a small home server for my kiddo and his friends. I've set up command blocks to tp them to various points in the world, and have claimed the endpoints so that they can't mess up the command blocks. Whenever someone TPs to these claims, however, the /claimgreeting displays twice in the chat box. Is this a bug?

In the future, where should I look for these issues, and where can I report them?


Hello there. Is it posseble to create more flags? We can buy "griefprevention flags" for spigot servers, but will there be a sponge version of this?
I ask because i really need some kind of worldguard functions wich is posseble with extra flags in griefprevention like the spigot version.


And how to updated it


Luckperms is a permission plugin, much like permissionsex. Since PEX hasn't been updating lately, luckperms is recommended.


Could pls update this great plugin to 1.11.2?


This plugin is up to date for 1.11.2
I wonder why you think it isn't.
I'm using it on my server and it's working fine


Maybe I downloaded an old version yesterday, I've found the latest version of this plugin, it support 1.11.2. My fault!


b2172+ means you need be using a Sponge version that is 2172 or higher

For the number next to LuckPerms that's the forum saying how many times users have clicked that link


@blood Is there a way to clear claim greetings or farewells without having to complete delete and reclaim an area?


It looks like I am having an issue with fire spread not being off. Using in game commands I made sure it was off and when that didn't work I checked the config and it said "false" for fire spread in all worlds. Even still lightning makes a fire then it spreads and players can light a fire and it spreads. I am talking about the wilderness claim which I have done /trust all I am thinking that might be why the fire spreads but then how do I let everyone break blocks in the world?