GriefPrevention Official Thread [1.10/1.11/1.12] TOWN/WECUI Support


using pex for perms btw


It also seems that the wilderness perms reset whenever the server restarts. Every time I restart I have to /trust all, is this intentional or have I done something wrong


-GP doesn't work well with PEX.

-Use the wiki to learn more about flags, you should have block-break and block-place flags set to true in the wilderness (you can do it in game or edit the config to change the defaults).
You should not be using /trust all... that's a bad idea.

-Haven't update my GP in a while, so not sure if still an issue. But the chat filtering (for swear words) and fire spread set to false don't work. You can change the world game rules to fire-tick = false to prevent fire spread; has the added benefit of making any block burn forever :wink:


Is it possible to set a regenerating limit for base claimblocks like the Bukkit plugin uses? It seems once a user gets a claimblock and sells it they can't get it without buying it


It looks like block place and break are true for everyone but they still can't break anything


Odd, what plugins are you using?

Are you able to break and place blocks while opped?


yeah I can while opped but they can't until I /trust all. It is a pixelmon server but that shouldn't matter for regular minecraft blocks. Also I can't ban or stop Tnt on the server either....


I run a pixelmon server and have no issues. You can prevent the placement of tnt blocks by adding a flag that sets block place for tnt blocks to false and additionally can set interact-block-secondary for tnt as false as well.
I havent tried it yet, but there's also flags for explosion which can be set to false.

Trusting someone to a claim will give them more permissions and won't be constrained to some flags. One of the reasons you don't want to do /trust all

If you're still using PEX, recommend using LuckPerms since I know for sure that GP is working with LP. Last time I was using PEX, most things worked but compatibility might have changed since then.


To clear greetings or farewells simply set to empty quotes "".

PEX is a dead plugin and is no longer supported. I highly recommend using LuckPerms. Follow the LP wiki to migrate.


Hello, I am using the corail_tombstone mod on my server and have noticed that players that are killed within other players claims do not spawn graves. I have talked to the author of the mod and am unsure how to add it to gp protections so that they will spawn anywhere. Anyone know how to add it?

Link to author chat:


Hello, I've been back since a long absence.
I liked your program in 1.10 and I want to install it on 1.11.2.
I download griefprevention, but I have no file configuration or folder that this created,
I bought an OMGSERV and the last version it offers is: 1.11.2 (6.0.0-BETA-2041 EXPERIMENTAL / Forge
Could you help me
Plugin install: LuckPerms-Sponge-3.2.14, Nucleus-0.29.5-1.11.2-S6.0-plugin, project.core-6.1.0-0.1.0, project.portals-5.2.0-0.13.7
Mod install:.CustomNPCs_1.11.2 , minecolonies-universal-1.11.2-0.8.2125
Because I reinstall my map 1.10


It is good, I discovered on OMGSERV the OpenMod, we can install are own forge off list, so I was able to install the last sponge
On the other hand is there a command to know which flag was activated, style: "/ cf info" because on / claiminfo on nothing
Thank you in advance for your answer
Desoler for my english, I use google translation because I am french


Just type /cf and you get a list of flags. (Only tested on 1.10.2)


Hello I really love this plugin cree village admin and home player area. I spent the night on it.

Before all thanks to KaiXTiger for your answer which helps a lot

I have small problem in my claim admin for automatic iron reload machine with piston system, machine out of village.

I put "containertrust all", I put in default rank as a single player, but the pistons in the claim remain blocked, even if there is no block to push, all the rest in redstone works well.

I notice that I can break the itemframe, map and painting, what I wish to keep is the rotation of the item in itemframe.

I test all its in claim basic, the result is the same

Info: to be on not to be the owner, I modified: owner-uuid = "00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000"

If I solve all its, I could really manage several villages because I want no admin on the server, only modo in security to kick ban ect. (Of course I put myself back in admin if there is a bug in the map, commandblock type)

thank you in advance for your help,


Hello, I have been trying to figure out how to allow players on my server i am setting up
to use PC's Healers, Traders etc... in the world spawn in my pixelmon server, Currently im running sponge with Luckperms..
is there a certain thing i have to do to allow use of the items...


If you place them within the default spawn protection area (should be 16 blocks from your spawn point) then you would need to OP them, alternatively (and the better way) set your spawn protection in the to 0. All that said, you should get some sort of protection plugin if players start breaking them


Does Sponge GP support databases? I see the configuration for it and entered the data as suggested, but got no messages on boot and no new database tables, have the config set up as follows:

    # password
    # url
    # username

Database does exist, so don't think it's a problem there. Have tried creating claims after attempting to enable database storage, but it just saves on a local file.


Good day! Create a friend with SkyBlock server, as a private plug-in is yours. There was a task to prohibit players from building anything outside their islands (privates only spread on the islands, there is no private space in the surrounding area (air). Is it possible to make a global private, to flag the construction ban, and the regions of the islands to make priority with a building permit On their islands, but no further than these islands? I will be very grateful to your reply!


Friends, I was wondering if you are going to create a rent system and if you have only the administrators to set the rent?


Plugin does not connect to MySQL database.