GriefPrevention Official Thread [1.10/1.11/1.12] TOWN/WECUI Support


Hi, I am wondering one thing - can I change the Claim Blocks Accrued Per Hour depending on a certain group? I want the normal players - "Members" - getting 100 claim blocks per hour and I want the group "VIP" getting 200 claim blocks per hour. Is this possible? Here is what I did:

Claim Blocks Accrued Per Hour:
Default: 100
VIP: 225

Would that work???


Also have the same problem. Followed the wiki, but didn't work.


How does the siege system work?


The siege system was never converted and i believe that blood has/is removing all traces of it


Howto i can configure default flags (exceptions) for all claims? For example I need allow any player interact with minecraft:sign when create new claim.


First, you are using the wrong block id. Signs have 2 id’s when placed into the world depending on sign type
standing_sign and wall_sign.

To force, you would stand in type of claim you want to override and type
/cf interact-block-secondary minecraft:standing_sign true override
You would do the same for wall_sign if you wanted that as well.


Just an update on GP progress lately…For the past few months I’ve been working on a MAJOR update which will introduce another claim layer called Towns. Along with this addition, there have been a ton of core code changes as well as new features such as buy/sale of claims, tax/bank system, improved UI and more.

Here are a few screenshots showing off the new build

This is a major update and should be available soon.

If you are interested in testing, please join the GP discord at


Hey, I remember you said you were planning to add an onClaimEnter event. Wondering if this was ever done, and if so. Would it be possible to add onClaimEnter events to sub-claims?

Since I want to trigger something when they enter a specific area inside an admin claim.


This was added over 3 months ago.


they cant do anything now help? (no perms)


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After months of hard work, I have finally released the next major GriefPrevention update which introduces a brand new town claim layer. This update adds MANY new features such as towns, improved admin claims, WECUI support, Buy/Sell claims, Bank/Tax, new UI for /claimlist and /cf, and more!

Read the full changelog here

To experience the best visuals with this new version of GP, I recommend you download and install LiteLoader along with WECUI. DO NOT use the forge version of WECUI as it will not work properly.

Here is a link to latest snapshot for 1.10.2 which has all the new GP features

You can find the latest downloads at


The release version of WorldEditCUI for 1.10, 1.11.2 and 1.12 is now available from the MinecraftForum thread and also from Curse Forge once the approval process has completed.


Does PermissionsEx work with it?


PEX is a dead plugin, do NOT use it. It is highly recommended to use LuckPerms
It supports migration from PEX


How do I get the GP visuals to work with WorldEdit CUI Forge Edition? I tried both 1 and 2 versions but it’s only showing worldedit selections.


You have to use the liteloader edition.


Hi, I am using LuckPerms 3.2.61 and Grief Prevention 1.11.2- with SpongeForge 1.11.2-2393-6.1.0-BETA-2471 and when I go into the server, it recognizes that the plugins are there, but I have no commands for Grief Prevention. I had hoped to use this and Skyclaims for the server but not sure how to get the commands to load…


Saw the note about pex is dead. That surprised me, I missed the memo. Bummer.

Anyway, GP + LuckPerm. Nice work to all.

I’m sorta stuck on this problem:

Just looking for clarification. I read the command reference and I’m unclear if there support in GP whereas on a claim (adminclaim) all mob spawning is disabled?

Use case: world spawn.
Goal: Keep mobs away from within the claimed spawn area.

I tried:

/cf entity-spawn minecraft:monster false

something about that doesn’t seem right. Anyone have an idea using GP to prevent mob spawning (for that matter, any mob damage) attempted within an adminclaim cuboid? What’s the /claimflag secret?

Also, a suggestion – in the command reference, in the block of each command detail, it would be really helpful to have the perm node with the /command listed. It’s not always clear which /command maps to which $0.02 adjusted for inflation.


I was having the same issue and updated to the latest build (1.11.2- in my case) and that fixed the monster spawning.
Latest versions for download