GTS - A Sponge focused marketing plugin

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Welcome to GTS

Let your economy soar through a player run market that easily reflects your economy’s strengths!


GTS is loosely based on the Pokemon Global Trading Station feature from the classic games. However,
the current design of GTS permits for much more than that service.

At present, GTS at base is fully vanilla compatible. As such, GTS should be able to be run
against SpongeVanilla! It’s a common misconception that this plugin is strictly for Pixelmon
related usage, but it is possible to use this plugin against multiple different environment types,
including modpacks like FTB.


Should you have any issues with the plugin, you can join the support discord here: Click


This dependency list is current as of: GTS 6.1.7

  • Impactor 3.1.2
  • Sponge 7.3.0 or later (NOT API 8 - that’ll come in time)
  • Protocol Control 0.0.2 or later


GTS provides the following feature set:

  • Players are able to create their own Listings in which other players can purchase the listing player’s items
    • There are two methods of purchasing a user’s listing
      • Auctions
      • Direct Purchases (Dubbed Buy It Now, or BIN)
  • Cross Server Functionality
    • GTS allows for communication across multiple servers via systems like Bungee and Redis.
    • In other words, if user X makes some action on server A, server B, C, and so on will be notified
      of the action immediately and handle it as necessary.
  • Player Specific Settings
    • Allows your players to control how GTS functions specifically for them
  • Fully integrated in a user interface
    • Other than commands of access, all functions take place within a user friendly interface designed with
      the idea of ensuring users can easily learn the functionality
  • An ever-expanding Developer API to allow for customization as desired
  • Discord Integration
    • GTS allows for sending notices of actions that take place through the plugin straight to your discord.



Extensions are as they are titled, extensions. They allow for adding new compatibility to GTS, such as a means
of obtaining a certain mod’s items!

With GTS 6.0.0, plugin extensions were redesigned and no longer are sponge plugins. Rather, they now are simply
marked extensions to help users understand that they are not the plugin itself; this issue came up way too much…

Now, extensions live in the following directory: ./config/gts/extensions

At current, GTS provides extensions for the following options:

  • Pixelmon - Reforged and Generations

These provided extensions can only be found in the linked Discord, as they cannot
be uploaded to Ore.

Your Support Helps

While not required, you are free to make a donation here. This will purely be
considered incentive towards continued development of this free product. I will not be bummed nor will I treat
you differently should you decide to save your money for more important matters.


A new version has been released for GTS, it is available for download here.

This updates includes a few fixes and additions, namely:

Addition: {{texture}} - Reveal custom textures on pokemon, or display “Shiny” and “Normal” if none exists

Fixes: I fixed /gts help. Finally on that one.

No Impactor jar?

Forgot to bundle it, I can make a new release as necessary, but I should just push Impactor to its own repo.

A new version has been released for GTS, it is available for download here.


  • New variables for Pokemon
    • {{unbreedable}} & {{pokeball_name}}


  • Fixed the {{clones}} and {{enchanted}} variables always displaying 0
  • {{texture}} now outputs a nicely formatted version of the texture name. New config options exist for the control of this formatted output
  • Some variables can be displayed automatically if the pokemon has said specific stats. For instance, a pokemon that is unbreedable will now have this tag added onto its details, despite base lore settings


I install your GTS but it does not work, when I do / gts it does not matter (I’m under sponge 1.12.2) with Pixelmon Generation last version. Even with the mod Pixelmon version it does not work possible to help me? Here is my discord to contact me more quickly Crosa # 8287

Generations is actually not supported by GTS. Only reforged itself is

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Hello is it normal that my gts does not work? I do not change anything in or on the server

If you are using Generations, yes, that would be normal.

I need proper details of your server environment to tell you otherwise.

No, I use pixelmon Reforged and the GTS is well detected in the server but once I do / gts in games it tells me that the command is not recognized

[06:08:32] [Server thread/INFO] [net.minecraft.server.dedicated.DedicatedServer]: Impactor » Starting phase: SERVER_STARTED…

[06:08:32] [Server thread/INFO] [net.minecraft.server.dedicated.DedicatedServer]: Impactor » Connected plugins:

[06:08:32] [Server thread/INFO] [net.minecraft.server.dedicated.DedicatedServer]: Impactor » - Impactor API

[06:08:32] [Server thread/INFO] [net.minecraft.server.dedicated.DedicatedServer]: Impactor » - GTS

[06:08:32] [Server thread/INFO] [net.minecraft.server.dedicated.DedicatedServer]: Impactor » Phase complete!

[06:08:32] [Server thread/INFO] [net.minecraft.server.dedicated.DedicatedServer]: GTS » Post start-up phase has now started

We agree that when it is the plugin is well detected? If yes, in games once the order is made nothing happens except a message saying to do / help

Hi, I saw in your github that you’re working on an update for generations, the cause, but at some point the forecast of when it will launch?

It realistically shouldn’t be too far out. GTS itself is getting a bit of a redesign to make it SpongeVanilla compatible, with reforged and generation jar extensions you can add onto it. Once all that is complete on the backend, you can expect the updates to start rolling out.

Can not support the Pixelmon Generations.
Can you fix it?

The updates are no longer posted here and not sure it supports that rip off of a mod.

One of these days, people might read the comments above. Anyways, the generations bridge for the new GTS version is ready to be distributed/tested.

@zsn741656478 @SkyGG need to wait 3 days to upload the generations compatible build, along with the 4.0 GTS update to Ore due to a change in my private keys, but the build is available in my discord. I’d give it straight to Ninja, but I’m also banned from the generations discord sooooo, yeah!

Hi, thanks for your work it’s really good! I just want to know if the mod works with reforged
7.0.0? Thanks!

send link discord pls :slight_smile: