Have any piugin can Check destroy?

My problem like title

any plugin like CoreProtect can run in sponge server?
I need to check player destroy log
plz help me

There are many plugins that can help you out; FoxGaurd, Polis (towny), etc.

Try searching before you post next time. :wink:

(For specifically logging, this also looks pretty good.)

I very need to check player destroy log
try to use these plugin But…these seem haven’t “check player destroy log”
I need like CoreProtect’s “command /co i” function

I don’t understand what a “check player destroy log” is.

The second one I linked to (“ActionControl”), can log things when a player breaks a block.

See the docs here.

action_rules {
    break-block {
        filter {
        response {
            match = "log"