Hello to all :D

Whats the best hosting to use with sponge that will give best performance :smiley:
And that is cheap? :smiley:

Take a look in here:



So, Most server admins will sell you servers based on RAM and other features, such as support and control panels.

Since most server hosts will use similar servers, RAM is probably the main thing you want to worry about. For example, 512MB of RAM is probably good for up to 5 players (Might not be accurate), But according to MCProHosting, 5632 MB is good for 80 players. As well as this, For intense things, You might want a dedicated server, As you don’t have to share CPU with other customers.

TL;DR: Most the time, More RAM = More Players. This Website shows some recommended ones, Although I haven’t tried it myself.

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Bear in mind most sites that say “This is perfect for 10 players” etc based on memory are all sticking with the memory requirements for Minecraft 1.0.0 , not the beasts that 1.8 / 1.9 have evolved to over time - but no one wants to be the company to be ‘accurate’ and update their numbers to show “This is perfect for 5 players” instead of 10 like the competitors are all doing…

Yeah, I remember that bukkit at least needed more memory, I assume forge/Sponge is similar.

These recommendations are garbage… RAM and maximum player count are barely connected to each other. If you know what you’re doing, you’ll get a lightweight server to work with 2 GB RAM for 50 players without problems, provided that the machine and connection are strong enough.