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what hosting componies did everyone use for there servers?

I hear MCProHosting is good, but over-priced.


I have used BeastNode

How many slots do you want? You can get 30 Slots for $10.00 / month. I used them in the past for my old network that fell apart a few months back. They have great resources and support.

The server I play on has used Exodus hosting for the longest time. The server performs pretty well, and the connection is good, but not the best I’ve ever seen. We tried a swap to MCProHosting, and the “server performs pretty well, and the connection is good” turned into “running a virtual machine and an internet speed test on a machine from 2003 with Windows 95, and while we’re at it, lets run a MC server on this”.

Edit: A bit of hyperbole, but I think you guys get the idea.


I don’t run any servers, but I find OVH to be a pretty good host, at least for websites. Really cheap too.


My experience is that OVH couldn’t well host a MC server with 20 TPS very well, most of the time struggling to maintain 17 or less. Since I’m not an avid Linux user, it could’ve been an error on my part. That having been said, you need to be fairly familiar with Linux if you expect to setup much of anything on it. The service team is well enough, but neither I (or the support team) would recommend it for Minecraft servers.

I’m currently using FragNet, and their customer support is quite nice and servers are quite stable. I haven’t had issues with them much at all. BeastNode is also quite well, although I think a bit more expensive (why I switched to FragNet). The biggest difference between those two for me was the control panel (FragNet has MCMA and BeastNode uses MultiCraft, which I don’t care much for)

I haven’t explored hosts much otherwise, but I can tell you Redstone Host was kinda shite last I used it quite a while ago. Service is quite unreliable and customer support liked to blame my friend and I for “overloading their RAM disks” with a semi-vanilla Bukkit server.

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I have used many hosts, mostly budget ones including

True World Gaming

Like I have said before, the only servers I have owned myself were either private or partially public so I never needed really powerful hosting.

OVH is good, at least if you are looking for dedicated servers. I use Kimsufi and SoYouStart specifically, but they are both part of OVH. I get 20 fps constantly. My second choice is TrueWorldGaming, as they are the cheapest Minecraft hosting company I’ve found, and their support is great.


tis 'bout the tps.

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Lol, sorry I meant TPS :stuck_out_tongue:

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TrueWorldGaming is great! I got a free server for something a while back, the Owner is really nice. I have gotten 20TPS on modded minecraft. They do run their servers with OVH. Although if you want a vps, I would recommend going for Digital Ocean Great 20 TPS experience with them, although if you want a cheap dedicated server go for OVH.

I’m using Netcup which is a small german company hosting root-/vservers.
The server I currently have (with 2 friends) is 25€/month, but it has the huge advantage that you can host a website on it and do fancy scripting stuff to support the minecraft server.

Is it modded?! Cause 25 € (30 USD) is quite a lot for a server with only 3 people. And a website + some scripts don’t make up for the extra cost either…

I want to recommend BlazeServers. Probably not the cheapest alternative, but their support is top notch and often nearly instant. They also have free DDoS protection up to 500Mbps, and their paid DDoS protection has anycast locations over most of the world, meaning low ping for the players.

… No, I’m not affiliated with them. I’m just really satisfied as a client :stuck_out_tongue:

No one even mentioned one of the best: Akliz Hosting. I work for Akliz :smiley:. We’re typically held in the top 5 or top 3 of all server hosts.

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We’re actually more people playing on that server, it’s just 3 people paying for it (and thus only us 3 who can make decisions ^^).
Modded/Vanilla: since it is a rootserver, we can put any Minecraft servers on it that we want, theoretically we can even run multiple servers simultaneously, as long as the hardware allows that.

Additionally, we’re not using our server for Minecraft only, we also use it for other games like 7 Days to Die and we use it for our websites and a private music stream atm and who knows what ideas we might get in the future ^^

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Oh right, I forgot OVH does dedicated servers. My opinion above was about their VPS range of services, as a latent note.

I have never been a fan of running game servers on a VPS. Websites and backup storage and the like on a VPS are within my comfort range. OVH only offers VPS servers with a single IP, and there is no way to add additional addresses, that is unless you totally upgrade to their Cloud VPS servers. Prepare for Sticker Shock… has small dedicated 16 GB servers that are cheaper than an OVH Cloud VPS, and you get to control everything. They have both North American and European servers. Note: They are actually a splinter off just like

Bill Sr., Owner

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If your getting any kind of shared hosting go with this guy, true world gaming is an amazing host