HelpTickets - v2.0.0 - Manage your players easily!


Manage your players easily with HelpTickets!

> Commands

  • /ticket create <message> - Creates a ticket.
  • /ticket list [player] - Lists all currently pending tickets. If player is given, lists all of their tickets.
  • /ticket tp <id> - Teleports you to the location where the ticket was created.
  • /ticket complete <id> - Notifies the ticket creator of the completion.
  • /ticket delete <id> - Deletes the specified ticket.
  • /ticket info <id> - Lists in-depth info about the ticket.

> Permissions

  • helptickets.cmd.create - Gives access to /ticket create
  • helptickets.cmd.list - Gives access to /ticket list
  • - Gives access to /ticket tp
  • helptickets.cmd.complete - Gives access to /ticket complete
  • helptickets.cmd.delete - Gives access to /ticket delete
  • - Gives access to /ticket info

> Git Repository

Code is located here.

> Download

Version 2.0.0

> How to Install

Simply drop the jar in the mods folder and you’re good to go. There is currently nothing to configure.

> Planned Features

  • Make ticket ids more human readable Added in 1.1.0
  • Add differences between completing and deleting tickets Added in 1.1.0
  • Add column titles to /ticket list Added in 1.1.0
  • Add /ticket info, which includes more info about the ticket Added in 2.0.0
  • Add timestamp at creation Added in 2.0.0

looks very useful, thank you

This looks great!

Can we get the functionality split between completing and deleting tickets? It would be nice to let my mods complete tickets, but only admins delete them.

Second, can we get a row of column titles in the /ticket list, so its more clear what we are looking at.

Also, why do the ID’s seem completely random? It seems like there might be a better way to make more user-friendly ids.

Thanks for making this!

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Version 1.1.0 Released!


(Updated to 1.1.0, SpongeForge 1732-3.1.0-BETA-1150)

Having trouble with the nodes. Only my ‘op’ rank can access any of the /ticket commands now.

PEX groups:

Fixed in v1.1.1. Download here.

Downloaded / installed, still can’t use the /ticket command as my basic user. What are all of the nodes? (I’m feeling like there’s a base helptickets.cmds.use or something missing from the list.)

Version 2.0.0 Released!

Changelog is viewable on that page.

Could we get the info for the plugin (nodes, cmds, etc…) on the github wiki? Easier to have all of the info next to the download and issues pages.

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Nice plugin. Any plans for utilization of a mysql db?

Looks like a nice plugin. Any plans about updating it to the latest version of sponge?

Updated to latest Sponge API. I’m not going to support this so please don’t request changes to the core mechanics.

Do we know if DotDash is still supporting this plugin? I have it installed and am liking it so far! I’m hoping he will be continuing to improve and support it.

I’ll see about taking a look at it in a couple days when I have the time.

I certainly appreciate it. This is a great plugin! I think my only suggestions for it so far is that players could see tickets only they submitted maybe with a helptickets.cmd.list.self permission node and for tickets to drop off the main list that staff see when completed but can still be viewed by doing /ticket list completed or closed.

Just so staff can see record of previous submitted tickets. Being able to sort by player could also be nice.

I see ALOT of potential for this plugin. I appreciate your work so far! If you are willing, make sure you toss up a donation link for us!

I like this plugin very much. Could you add a message file for it? I want to translate it.

Please update to API 6 :]

@yololetsplay is it not working with the latest sponge?

Right, here’s my crash log when I try to use HelpTickets 2.0 :]

HelpTickets crashes my server as well.