Ticket System

Preferably something similar to this: HelpTickets - v2.0.0 - Manage your players easily! | But more up to date (API 4) and managed.

I updated @DotDash plugin to API 5.0.0(It should also work with 4.x).

I haven’t tested this at all. I just fixed the errors.

I’m throwing it on my unreleased server. Ill let you know via this post if I encounter any issues.

Would you mind replacing the ticket ID with something such as T1, T2, ECT? Opposed to the unnesscary “Wol0, Wol1, ECT”?

Also, is it the same permission nodes?

I haven’t changed anything other than a couple errors so yes the permissions are the same.

I don’t plan on supported this, just thought I’d do you and others a favor, so I’d prefer not to make any changes to how to plugin works. I’ll leave that up to @DotDash

Alright. Thanks man.