Hologram Plugin

I’d like to request a plugin that can be very useful and nice looking on a server. I’m not quite sure what it involves to work, but there is a Bukkit plugin called Holograms that can project text in the air. I want a plugin that can project text in the air with colors and multiple lines.


  • Zach

The bukkit plugins use invisible name 0 stack items, these were constantly broken on cauldron servers as Forge kills invalid ItemStack entities

In 1.8 vanilla it is possible to use invisible, named ArmorStands, if you think that using CommandBlocks to /summon them is a pain then i’m sure someone could easily write a plugin to do the hard work

People should stop relying on plugins to do things that can be done in vanilla Minecraft, unless there is some big advantage.

Command blocks are not usable in server side,i mean they are but just look at your cmd next time you run one ^^ it looks like a mess that i havent found a way to fix,and ofc you can change that it doesnt say anything on the server but on cmd i dont think so :slight_smile:
Thats why we use plugins also commandblocks use a bit more ram when they run :smiley:

Oh yes, forgot about the chat character limit!

While there is a topic on this concept; yes you are able to create these with vanilla commands; unfortunately for all of us the only way to create color coded holograms is external sources such as MCEDIT; so a plugin for holograms that supported color codes would be a nice addition to the sponge community.

The solution

Coming soon


<3 cant wait for this! Hope you get some beta releases up soon!

Some things do already work but some doesn’t. If you can’t wait, compile the source yourself.

Oh neat this will be useful for servers

I’m simply looking forward to the colored parts of the holograms xD

Basic things work: Holograms - Easily create floating texts!