Holograms - Easily create floating texts!






What if someone has an issue with my plugin? The best thing would be that they report it either here or on GitHub. And does the post in your forum get updated when I change it here?
Note: the screenshot you posted is not reproducible with this plugin, it's like false advertisement.
Is there a link to this forum? That would be great! :slight_smile:


I have a problem. I removed the pluggin while I decided to world edit my spawn into a new world, it copied the holograms and they are not classed as holograms for some reason and they are stuck there permanently (even without the pluggin!). Lucky they can stay perm if it can't be fixed. but I would like this fixed D:


Near each of the hologram /holograms force-delete


Do what @ziceptor said.

The holograms are normal ArmorStands to avoid manual packet sending and to avoid breaking the plugin when the Minecraft version(and packets) change. Because of that the config file is not really needed. The only purpose is to enter longer texts(more than 100 characters, the chat doesn't allow more). I'm waiting for the release of ChatUi https://forums.spongepowered.org/t/chat-ui-a-ui-toolkit-for-the-vanilla-chat-box/10109 to use the text editor.


When you change this plugin,I will updated it.
Sorry,I try a different image.
Can You do a language file?


Your link~


I am currently updating almost all of my plugins to implement custom messages but I'm also busy with school. The update will allow people to change the messages the plugin sends. I won't provide default translations for some languages. Everyone will have to translate it himself.




Oh, nice feature of discourse to notify me if someone links to my thread :stuck_out_tongue:
I wasn't sure about keeping the text editor, guess I'll improve it before release. Speaking of, it's been over a year, I should probably think about tying the loose ends and just releasing.

Also there's this plugin that is basically a very similar thing (not sure if it's still in development)


I am actually having the same issue as @IBG_Nova with grief prevention stopping holograms from spawning. I haven't been able to sort out which flag needs adjusting to allow them to spawn. @IBG_Nova can you give me some direction? or anyone else that is familiar with GP cf's

Thanks for a great plugin! I love what I see -- now to get GP to play nice :stuck_out_tongue:


I just used the /cf entity-spawn minecraft:any true flag. For some reason I forgot I had that turned to false and I had to unset it, but if you are having the same issue then odds are it's a entity-spawn flag causing it.


Hi, can you add as feature something like this http://prntscr.com/dzf4k7 (item on holograms)


Yes, I'll see what I can do.


Thanks a lot for the quick reply


anyway to fix this plugin to work with react? :confused: or atleast help figure out which version will work?


I'll fix it soon. Sorry for the waiting time.


v2.0.1 released!

For changes please look at the linked page.

@Khaoz this fixes your issue


when i reload with /sponge plugins reload after editing the config with color codes,etc they just vanish.

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