Holograms - Easily create floating texts!


Moved to Ore: https://ore.spongepowered.org/RandomByte/Holograms

I released a new version there.


Link to API instructions: https://github.com/randombyte-developer/holograms/blob/master/README.md


Can you please add an alias for the /holograms command, like /hs?
And when you want I will very apeciate when you add a better multiline edit system, something like /holograms edit test line 1 , becose the imput,txt file is a bit uncomfortable.
Thanks in advance


You could try out the Aliases plugin to add new aliases to commands for yourself if you like.


That’s a good suggestion from @Inscrutable. By setting a very short alias you can create holograms with longer texts from the chat.

Editing hologram texts from chat, my ideas:

  1. /holograms set <32charsLongUUID> <text>. The UUID is needed for identifying the ArmorStand.
  2. First teleport to hologram, then /holograms set <text>. The nearest hologram will be modified, this eliminates the long UUID in the command and allows longer texts.

What do you think?


Can be I nice idea, but it can create issues by multiline holograms, I mean when I tp to a hologram with multilines, I think the plugin will be confused of wich line is the nearest to the player


Thanks for the advise, I will try it


Technically a multi-line hologram doesn’t exist. The multiline command just creates multiple holograms in a specific distance to each other. This can be seen when you execute the list command. A multiline hologram appears as many single holograms. The plugin doesn’t even know that this is a multiline hologram, they are just perfectly placed on top of each other.

Well, no. There is some space between the holograms and that can be calculated by the plugin. Teleporting to a specific line is just for the purpose of selecting the line. If there aren’t many holograms around, the player doesn’t even have to teleport, he can just stand near the hologram.


Oh, ok, when you say me that I think your method can be nice, I will wait for your next release


I’ve got holograms working in my own way now, but I might move over to that eventually. I’ve got bigger bugs to squash for now


Certain type of permission you need for this? Tried a whole bunch of different ones, new and old, and it still won’t let me create a hologram.


Nice plugin ty :slight_smile:


https://ore.spongepowered.org/RandomByte/Holograms/pages/Commands%20&%20Permissions says it’s holograms. Is there any error message?


I added it via group didnt work, so i added it per person and it worked. had to add holograms.create, etc. for it to work. Thought just holograms was the base that would grant basically op perms.


Well, there aren’t yet these fine permissions like only for creating a hologram. That’s weird what you experienced.
Only holograms should work.
Is there a debug option in your permissions plugin to show the individual permission requests? That would be interesting.


Yeah I will take a look when I get home from work. Currently on mobile right now.



When and how often does this happen? Which version are you using?


Latest version of Holograms with Sponge 1.10.2 2188 and forge 2221 I logged in and my holograms were randomly all gone. Only happens on 1 of 2 servers…


Some other users reported almost the same(holograms are gone). Did you rename or move the world this is happening in?
And when does the message appear? When you join the server?