Holograms - Easily create floating texts!


Did not rename or move the world, but the message appears when I try to make a new hologram


The next version will report the error in more detail to find out what is going wrong. But at the moment I have very little time to do anything, sorry.


Holograms disappeared for me too. I didn’t change anything. Just a simple restart and they’re all gone. The input file isn’t being saved to or something, because it’s always empty. That’s the only config file I see in the folder too.


@Karagra_Gaming @SephKurai
I can’t reproduce the holograms disappearing on server restarts. Are you on the latest sponge version?


My holograms seem to dissapear on a /sponge plugins reload or randomly after restarts I believe.
Any idea what causes this or can we please get a console error tracker to find cause?


There’s simply nothing to debug because my plugin doesn’t do anything minecraft related on a reload. It only creates the input.txt file. It must be an other plugin or sponge that’s causing it. Please try the latest sponge with only the holograms plugin.

Which versions(sponge and holograms are you using).


I am using SF 2215. What’s the latest version number of holograms?


https://ore.spongepowered.org/RandomByte/Holograms/versions 2.1.1

Sponge for 1.11.2? 1.11.2-2227-6.0.0-BETA-2227 is the latest. https://www.spongepowered.org/downloads/spongeforge/bleeding/1.11.2


No, 2215 is for 1.10.


Anyways, so I’ve been using /holograms create (text)
Should I be using the input.txt somehow? Right now, that file seems to always be blank.


Figured it out. It was a plugin called HuskyCrates doing this.
Sorry about the confusion :stuck_out_tongue:


HuskyCrates latest version fixed that issue, if you still have it, update :slight_smile:


A new version was released!
#Download it here.


I download the new version, but I want to report you that to let it work it’s necessary to delete the config holograms folder


But what happens when you don’t do it?


crash with long error


Which error exactly? (Post a link to pastebin)


Oh, I check now better and I see the crash was caused from bstats from an other plugin, don’t know, but when I remove the config folder of holograms it works.


There is nothing bStats related in the holograms folder. Please post the full error.


Don’t now I think it was a only one crash and when I had restarted the server without removing the folder maybe it had even work