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You could try installing minecraft forge with the right mods so the error shows there in the console. Now I can’t see what’s causing the error.


##v1.0 released: Download


  • Added mcmod.info file

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So I diden’t need know about the list command and thought I could delete the thing by remove it from the file but apparently the thing is still there, anyway to delete it? :confused:


/kill @e[type=AmorStand, r=5] and stand in a radius of five blocks to the hologram.


Thought there’s also a way to remove it by clicking the [DELETE] on holograms list


Yes, that’s right. But he had deleted the hologram config entry. I should include a “recovery option” into the plugin.


I get a message:

Too many arguements!
/kill @e[type=AmorStand, r=5]
Usage: /kill [(player)]


You probably have another plugin overriding the command. try /sponge:kill @e[type=AmorStand, r=5]


I get Unknown Command try using /help


Yeah I think I was wrong there. try this instead /minecraft:kill @e[type=AmorStand, r=5]


The entity UUID provided is in an invalid format.


missing an r in ArmorStand. I copied and pasted from your message, didn’t notice


Same still I tried:
/minecraft:kill @e[type=ArmorStand, r=5]
/minecraft:kill @e[type=ArmourStand, r=5]


I think it’s the space after the coma

try this:

/minecraft:kill @e[type=ArmorStand,r=5]


Yeah worked perfectly thanks alot


@TrenTech Thanks for your help. Yes, I had a typo in ArmorStand. My fault.


##v1.0.1 released!


  • Fixed some things
  • Added force-delete command to solve the problem of @Gershon



Not sure if it’s the holograms causing this, but it seems somewhat related. Any input from you would be much appreciated. @RandomByte


I don’t see my plugin in that stacktrace. Why do you think it is related to holograms?


I have limited knowledge in reading crash logs so I apologize if this was not related to holograms. The crash log said something about entities - which could possibly be the holograms or invisible armor stands.